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Adidas F50 adiZero Series – Recap to Date

adiZero Prime

Right now, the Adidas F50 adiZero is one of the hottest soccer cleats on the market, with top stars like Messi, Gareth Bale and Nani sporting the lightweight boot. I get many requests on how each version performs, so I thought it would be worth highlighting the reviews and features posted on SoccerCleats101 over the past year in a recap/summary format.

May 11th 2010 – Adidas announce the release of the ultra-lightweight F50 adiZero soccer cleat.

June 6th 2010 – First review of the F50 adiZero Synthetic, in the initial Sea-of-Yellow colorway, featured on SC101.

June 8th 2010 – While reviewing the leather version, requests for a comparison of both versions streamed in – so I compared the Leather to Synthetic version.

June 13th 2010 – Full review for the Leather F50 adiZero posted, in the initial Chameleon colorway.

July 29th 2010 – After getting to play on some natural surfaces, I posted a review for the Hybrid version – an ideal option for those of you that play in wet, muddy conditions.

August 19th 2010 – After continued testing of the leather version due to reader comments, this happened! Basically, I suffered the same fate as many of you have.

October 25th 2010 – MLS players wear a customized pink version of the F50 adiZero in support of breast cancer awareness.

January 1st 2011 – To start the new year, Adidas announce the release of the lightest cleat on the market – the F50 adiZero Prime.

March 3rd 2011 – With the latest design change in the F50 adiZero series, I got another chance to review and update my thoughts on the Synthetic range.

April 13th 2011 – A few months after the release of the F50 adiZero Prime, I had the opportunity to test them out and posted a comprehensive review of what are currently the lightest soccer cleats on the market!

Finally, for those of you wondering what my recommendation in the range is, I regard the leather F50 adiZero to be the best performing boot. This is particularly the case when it comes to touch and control on the ball. As an outside midfielder/winger, I require a boot that offers great feel on the ball as I dribble and I found that the Leather version matched that requirement perfectly!

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  1. I just placed an order for a pair of leather orange ones. I can't wait till they get here.

    I just learned that Adidas is totally re-amping the F50 line next spring. And coming out with new colorways for this current line. And Nike is completely getting rid of the Mercurial line up. I guess this current "lightest boot on the market" movement by Adidas has really made them rethink the current Mercurial line.

    And the F50 technology (sprint frame, etc.) has opened the books for some many awesome upcoming boots. Like, the current released Pure SL. And the upcoming AdiPower, which is being released 6/1. It will have the same technology as the F50, which will make it lighter obviously, but will also have the benefits of a power boots. Think of it as an extremely light Predators.

    And Adidas is also listening to their customers. With this current F50 change, they reconstructed the upper right stud, and made it stronger. To fix the earlier problem some customers (and Bryan) had, with the stud breaking off.

    Adidas is definitely making moves. And that will ultimately result in great boots, and a ton of hard choices for us, as consumers.

    And this is coming from a repeating Mercurial owner. Ha.

  2. He usually puts up a "just arrived" post when boots come in.

  3. "July 29th 2010 – After getting to play on some natural surfaces, I posted a review for the Hybrid version – an ideal option for those of you that play in wet, muddy conditions."

    You originally said this was a hybrid boot that came with FG studs, which can be replaced with SG studs. You then corrected yourself by pointing out that they were actually SG studs and then said you would post a link to where you can get the alternate studs, which you never did. But in actuality, these are SG only boots, with no FG alternative studs. I tried buying the F50 tunit FG studs but the screw-in piece is too long and stabs into the innersole of the boot. I bought these boots because you said they were hybrid. I was very disappointed to later find out they are SG only.

    • I.e., the boot is not a hybrid boot, it is the Adizero SG.

      • By hybrid, he means it has the firm and soft ground studs. That's what Adidas means when they say "hybrid."

        • Kip is correct – and Brook as long as you are not playing on a dirt field, the studs they come with are going to suit natural surfaces. They are a hybrid as they feature both the SG and FG studs on the boot, including the yellow set-in-place yellow FG studs.
          "I bought these boots because you said they were hybrid." What are you talking about? Adidas officially named them Hybrid!!!

          • I have to greatly disagree with this. This came from your "hybrid" review:

            "What does Hybrid mean?

            Hybrid refers to the fact that you can change out the studs and use the boots on different surfaces. When you buy a pair, it comes with the firm ground studs in a pink color and a stud wrench for tightening/loosening. If you decide, you can buy a pair of SG studs that will allow you to play on soft surfaces. The bonus lies in the fact that you are buying one pair of boots for both surfaces instead of two!"

            This is completely false. They come with SG studs, and FG are not available whatsoever. I also have found no mention from Adidas that they are "hybrid" boots. They are simply called "X-TRX SG" boots.

            The SG studs are also longer than the built in FG studs, making them completely aesthetic unless the ground is soft enough that the boot sinks into the ground. Thus, it has little effective use on hard ground because the studs put too much pressure on the foot to make them viable for playing in. Hence why the balls of both my feet were bloody and blistered after wearing them in a game on firm ground.

  4. Hi, how does the sizing of the synthetic and leather versions compare? I'm a size UK 9.5 in synthetic. Unfortunately, there aren't any leather versions in Sydney that I can try on so I will need to order online. Would you recommend the same size in leather?


    • Bryan helped me out with this one too. He told me to order the size you wear in synthetic, in the leather shoe too. He said it stretches and will mold very well to your foot.

      I had the same question. I wanted the leathers, but had to end up ordering them online, too. I tried on a pair of synthetics at the store and a size 9 was perfect. So Bryan told me to get a 9, since it will stretch.

      I ended up getting a 9.5 a half though because I wear two sets of socks when I play. For extra protection. I'm hoping by getting it a half size larger it won't make that much a difference when it comes to the touch and feel of the boot. We'll see when they get here.

      Okayy, I've talked too long. Ha. Hope this helped you, man. Good luck.

      • Kip answered it perfectly!

        • Thanks guys! The synthetic boot has a great touch (much better than the Kangaroo Leather Total 90 Laser IIIs that I currently wear) so looking forward to the leather version of the F50. I'm a central midfielder so touch is imperative to my game.

          • Hi again!
            Just thinking about Kip's response to my original question, "He told me to order the size you wear in synthetic, in the leather shoe too. He said it stretches and will mold very well to your foot."

            If the boot stretches, should you not get a boot that is half a size too small?


          • soccercleats101

            It won't stretch enough to need a different size – just enough to mold to the shape of your feet!

  5. Not necessarily. I play on a firm-hard pitch. Still a fair bit of grass but it is patchy. However, if the studs were shorter, such as a short rubber/plastic FG stud, then in built studs could contact the ground, eliminating the problem. It is because of this that they are SG only, as Adidas state. The in-built studs are not used other than providing additional traxion in soft ground. And firm ground does not have enough give to allow the centre studs to make significant contact, if any at all.

    Granted, it would appear to be a great SG boot considering it has 6 studs as well as the FG studs in the centre to prevent slipping if the ground is soft enough, not to mention that the boot would retain very little water. But a hybrid boot it is not. Not in the way you have originally stated, or the way you are claiming it is now.

  6. Does adidas back up the adizero primes with a two year warranty or any warranty? I know Nike does it with their shoes, I want to buy some primes but I’m just worried about them breaking half way through my season and then I’m out $300.

    • Is there a reason why you want the Primes over the normal ones?

      Because for 100 more bucks, you aren't really getting that much. That's just my opinion. The normal F50 is perfectly fine, and only 200 bucks. And if you look around online, and Ebay, you can get them for around 180.

      • Only reason I got them is because a local store had them on sale for $180 but the standard adizero was still at $200.

  7. hey brian,
    have you had your studs break on the f50 adizero 2s yet? or did they fix that issue with that release?

  8. I'm supposed to be getting my first pair of adizero in next week. used of course but still.

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