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Which Release Do You Like Best?

There have been a few pretty sweet releases from the less synonymous brands over the past few weeks (ie those that are not the “Big 3” – Nike, Adidas or Puma.) Each release has its own style and I am sure they will all appeal to their own unique part of the market.

But my question is which release do you like best? I am interesting in finding out which release holds the greatest appeal on the market right now, so simply leave your vote or a comment with your thoughts below!

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UA Hydrastrike soccer cleat
UA Hydrastrike
Lotto Futura 100
Lotto Futura 100
Umbro Geometra Pro
Umbro Geometra Pro
Diadora Eleven Fluo Yellow
Diadora Eleven

Version Available From List Price
UA Hydrastrike SoccerBanner $124.99
Lotto Futura100 SoccerBanner $129.99
Umbro Geometra Pro SoccerBanner $169.99
Diadora Eleven SoccerBanner $199.99

*all prices are subject to change over time

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  1. looks like Umbro have the early lead!

  2. im curious why ppl like the umbro?

    i liek the futura for the colour and i guess im a person that feels confident with a good looking boot hahah

  3. a little off topic but i was wondering when the Puma V1.11 reveiw is coming out???

  4. I'm actually interested more on the technology diadora came out with
    the NET system sounds like a god send for those hot summer game days

    even though the boot they are presenting cost 200 bucks, the solano model is half that price and has the same technology, you only give up the touch control areas on the boot

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