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Best Boot Bracket 2012 - And the Winner is.... - Soccer Cleats 101
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Sunday , June 16 2024

Best Boot Bracket 2012 – And the Winner is….

Nike Vapor 8 Review

After 2 weeks of competitive match-ups and lots of user voting, the winner of the first ever Best Boot Bracket is the Nike Vapor 8! I’m sure there are a lot of people who saw this one coming, with the Vapor 8 proving to be a popular boot since there release less than two months ago. The Vapor beat out the Adidas adiPower Predator pretty comprehensively in the final. Here is how the top 4 boots finished up:

1stNike Vapor 8
2ndAdidas adiPower Predator
3rdNike CTR360 Maestri
4thAdidas F50 adiZero

Thanks for all the readers who voted for their favorites in each match-up, it is always interesting to hear your comments on the boots and how you feel they compare to other boots.

And just as reference, I personally wouldn’t have voted for the Vapor 8 in the Quarter, Semi or Final!

Best Boot Bracket

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  1. Sprint-frame is garbage im happy the vapor viii won

  2. Half of the people that voted for the Vapor have never even seen it in person.

  3. I agree with Oscar, I’m an avid boot follower and I haven’t even seen them in person yet. This contest should have been the BEST looking boot of 2012 because that is what most people voted on. Also, how can a newly released boot beat out proven performers from 2011 and 2012? Honestly the vapor vii should have been the Nike speed boot up for vote because it has been out long enough to gain a real solid impression with the boot community, and it probably wouldn’t have won. Basically the hype from the vapor viii release won them the contest.

  4. I have the Vapor VIII, and they're amazing… They deserved to win

  5. I don't see how the adizeros didn't win they have the most goals in most professional leagues. I've see one pair of the new vapors, I don't see how people can vote for it if they have never played with them…

  6. Most of the people who voted dont even own the boot and they say it's the best. So sad.

  7. How do you rate the Vapors then Bryan? I haven’t worn them myself so didn’t vote for them over either the Legends or the Maestris but they seem to be very highly rated at the moment. Compared to those two boots (obviously hard to do since they’re very different) how you do rate the Vapor VIIIs?

    • I think the review will give you the best level of insight. I love the feel of the upper and the stud configuration adds a whole new level of performance. But, because of personal preference and the specifications I require from a boot, I would rate others higher.

  8. The performance of the vapor VIII is amazing. The problem is my vapors are already starting to separate from the sole after 1 month. The upper is almost too soft to be used especially on turf.

  9. In my opinion the top 3 are the vapours, the tiempos and the adipowers at the moment. I'm not a fan of the adizeros at all although the CTRs are quite good.

  10. boots made in bosnia are they fake? can any one plzz answeer.. thx 😉

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