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Concord Techno Kangaroo Review

Concord Techno Kangaroo

We haven’t featured Concord much on SoccerCleats101, in fact they have only come up once before, but that is an inaccurate depiction of what this company has to offer. In fact, there has been quite the buzz surrounding this Techno Kangaroo release, primarily driven by its sleek blackout design. The boot is one big mesh of quality materials and considering they fall below the $100, it makes them at least worth placing into consideration. Of course, testing is where the real story lies and I’ve been wearing a size 9US for the past few weeks – below is the most detailed breakdown of how they perform that you will find anywhere on the net!

In terms of retail, there are some great deals on these boots right now; case-in-point, they are available at for $77.99.

Blackout Concord Techno Kangaroo

Breaking In
There is a slightly stiff feel about the upper on these boots starting out, primarily around the heal region. I actually had to change out of them during the first two sessions as blisters were on the horizon. Concord use a synthetic that has a plastic feel and no grip, and it leads to some extra movement. Having had a few weeks with them, it is something that subsides but some mesh in the region would be a big bonus. When it comes to the forefoot and the K-leather, Concord produce a real winner. Loving the very traditional cross stitching that produces some real shape. The one other unique aspect to this boot is obviously a textured control panel that sits along the strike zone. In terms of comfort, it doesn’t cause any problems and is positioned appropriately so it doesn’t cause any discomfort over the first few wears.

In-Game Performance
Consistency is the key to this release, with everything performing as expected. You get great feel on the ball thanks to the specifically positioned stitching across the forefoot and it has its benefits while hitting long balls. And thankfully thus far, I’ve encountered no durability issues with the stitching. Next is the stud configuration, which is slightly different to other boots on the market. Through the center of the forefoot, you get a 1-2-1 setup that falls into a 3-4-3 when you add the outer blades in. Not only is it a great attacking line-up, but it is also a comfortable ride. You get very even weight dispersion and very little stud pressure. It also acts pretty well when turning, although more studs means more drag while accelerating away.

The last thing is the textured control panel, and that gets its own section!

Concord Techno Textured Control Panel

Techno Textured Control Panel

Textured Control Panel – Swerve and Grip
The title is actually a little misleading, you really don’t get a whole lot of benefits from Concords strike zone. It probably adds something extra in terms of rebound, but overall it is more of a selling point than anything else. The region is covered in honeycomb panels and plenty of grooves. The problem is that the area is stiff and it doesn’t provide enough texture to add swerve. You need to remember that this is a mid-tier release and as such the technology is not on par with something like the Nike T90 Laser IV. In saying that, it doesn’t hurt to have it there and I’m sure there will be players who swear by its added shooting properties!

Blackout Design
They are officially listed as a Black/Black and other than the highlighted Concord logo on the instep of the boot, that is exactly what they are – a Blackout! I really like that Concord has kept things simple with this one and gone for more than just a highly visual shoe. You get to focus on the actual performance of the boot and they make you look like a more serious-grafting player on the field.

Concord Techno Upper

Concord Techno K Close Up

Concord Techno Heal

A Decade Old Release?
Odd title for a section, but there is something about these that reminds me of a boot released 10 years ago. That is not necessarily a bad thing, in-fact it actually plays in favor of what Concord has done. They weigh in at 10.2oz, so they are not on the light side and everything from the upper to the stud configuration has a boot of the past feel. Again, this is not at all a negative and it is an aspect of the boot that puts it in its own unique bracket when so many boots are fighting it out to create the next big thing. As an example of what I mean, they fall into the Lotto Stadio category!

How do they Fit?
Very much true to size. Think Adidas adiPure or Nike Tiempo. It is a standard fit that matches most of the top brands. This is a definite positive and something that other new companies on the US market have failed to achieve. I’d rate them as a medium/wide fit but probably not a great options for those of you who need a true wide fit.

This is a mid-tier release and as such, there is nothing overly dynamic about what they have to offer. Don’t expect greatness when you wear them and you will get a consistent performer that is worth the money you pay for them. A pair of Kevlar laces would do these boots the world of good – not a fan of the thick pair included.

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The Skinny Summary
Highlight: A solid mid-tier release that offers players a consistent level of performance and a equally efficient K-leather upper for great control on the ball.
Category: Almost a Heritage/Power hybrid, but I think Concord would place them solely in the Power category.
Weight: 10.2oz, which is on the higher side of current releases, but right in-line with what Concord are trying to achieve with them.
Would I Buy Them: At their current price, they make for an excellent back-up boot. So I’d give these a “Yes!”
Player Position: One of those boots that can easily do the rounds right across the pitch, but I see them more as a defender/midfielders boot. Not a great option for speed players.

Concord Techno Tongue

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  1. These seem like a really unique boot. Too bad the shooting element is only a gimmick though.

  2. I'm not saying Concord straight up copies other boots, because every brand does it to some extent, but I do think they should put some effort into making their boots a little more different from others. The texture/pattern is eerily similar to the adiPower and where the lace holes are and how they're shaped on the element seems awfully familiar looking although I can't put my finger on it. I'm sure this is a fine boot, which is why I would like to see them differentiate themselves a bit because they'll never get the credit they deserve unless they do. That said, it is a good looking boot.

    And I agree about it looking like a boot from 10 years ago, and that it's a good thing.

    • Upon further research, that appears to be exactly their MO and they have no problems admitting it. To each their own, and again, I'm sure they're fine boots for the price.

    • Who cares! In some way u can say here in the states we copie concord. We didn't know what soccer cleats were to look like

  3. Jose Wenceslao Reyes

    I currently wear the Concord Aston Kangaroo. It is the best boot I have worn in five years and is easily the best best I have personally ever worn. The Aston Kangaroo has top notch leather, good fitting synthetic through the midfoot and heel, the most solid heel counter compared to most boots on the market, and I wear a size 9.5 in these shoes and they weigh in at 9.3 ounces on my scale. Overall Concord goal is to give you you the performance of the best boots in the game, a similar look to the best boots in the game, while doing so at an affordable price. I will be purchasing two more pairs of Concords, just to have on hand.

  4. I won’t link the site here, because I don’t know if it’s allowed, but there is a legit site out there that currently has Legends for $80 and Flights for $50 if it was Tiempos you wanted (Concord Astons are currently $77). And they’ve had them for these prices for months now. If you like Concords on their own merits, then great, but if you just want the “look” at a cheaper price…well you can get the real thing for a cheaper price if you look around.

    • While I agree with you that you can get the top brand shoes much cheaper than MSRP (and you can generally get the previous generation for roughly the price of Concords pretty easily), the Concords might still be a better choice for some. For instance, one might like the Tiempo upper but prefer a the more bladed stud pattern of the Concord Aston.

      With the Concord Techno, while I know it has a lot in common with some of the older versions of the Predator, it is a bulky shoe the kind of which few are still made (the Pele 1970 is an exception). To someone looking for protection in their boots, the Techno would have considerable appear.

      That said, if they were to distinguish themselves a bit more in terms of the kinds of boots they provide (like a company like UA does), maybe they'd find a few more fans.

      • Exactly. As someone who generally tries to avoid the big 2 (with the exception of the Copa), it would be nice to see Concord carve their own path ala Diadora, Pele, Mizuno etc. You can't out-Nike Nike so there's no sense in trying. The people who want that look will buy take-downs or on sale.

        • I generally agree with you, it surprises me how many people buy takedown models when there are clearly better first tier releases from lesser known brands for similar prices. The Tiempo Flight may be a good boot, but it's no Diadora Maracana.

          Then again, one could make the case the Tiempo Legend is no Diadora Maracana.

          • I rarely (never) defend Nike, but in the case of the Flight, it's actually a nice boot. Especially for a take down. I did buy a pair on deep discount but they ended up being a little too long in the length so I returned them. They also felt just a little too fragile for a "heritage" boot with the thin sole plate and leather that was so soft out of the box it actually concerned me. But I never got to find out if those would actual issues. But you're right that they don't compare to the Maracana. I'm very happy with my current rotation of Maracana/King Finale/Copa right now.

          • I've never worn the Flight, but I did try them on. I didn't think they were awful, and I imagine the touch would have been decent for $100, but when I had the options of quite a few other top tier boots in that price range, I didn't really consider them for all that long.

            I see the logic against the Flight being similar to the logic against the Concord. Why would I want to get the Flight as a value boot when I can get a better boot for the same price?

  5. Looks a lot like the predator x

  6. look like adipowers

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