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Time2Run – Asics GEL-Blur33 2.0 Review

Asics GEL-Blur33

Asics are a company with an extremely positive profile when it comes to running shoes. Nobody can dispute the quality and high performance benefits of all shoes in their range. Over the years, I have actually chosen and worn pairs for pre-season running and the one thing that has always stuck out is the durability and wide fit of the shoes. A few weeks back, I spotted that Asics are now listing several pairs on – including this pair. The question is, how do the Asics GEL-Blur33 2.0 weigh-up as an option for soccer players?

I picked up a pair in the popping Red/White/Lime colorway and have been wearing them for over a month now – bear in mind I am not a professional runner and am not going to rack up “100miles in a month” in them. But, below is a “soccer player” breakdown of what you can expect from a pair.

Retail wise, these shoe are currently available to pick-up at for $109.99.

Asics GEL-Blur33 detail

Red Asics GEL Blur33

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Running in the Asics GEL-Blur33 2.0
Right out of the box, these are a super comfortable fitting shoe and an ideal option for wide-fitting players. There are two key elements to these shoes that make them a vastly unique option for soccer players. First, in the lining of the heel, Asics employ a P.H.F (personal heel fit) that is basically a memory foam line-collar that molds to your shape over time. And the second thing is a Rearfoot GEL Cushioning System. I’m not sure I need to explain what that is as the title explains it, but I can tell you that it does seem to work extremely effective in stabilizing your foot on impact.

The External Cage
If you look along the side of the shoes, you will notice the lace loops up along the boot through a cage like construction. Basically, as you tighten the laces, it tightens the upper around your foot without overstretching the underlay. The result is plenty of padding with a secure cage like fit. We have seen this sort of system employed on the likes of the Umbro Speciali Pro R and the Nike Superfly…well, at least sort of on the Superfly.

Asics Cradle System

Lacing System on Asics GEL-BlurWeight and Size
At 10.4oz, these are a pretty average weight release and are right where you would expect a comfortable pair of running shoes to fall. In saying that, they are a far cry from the 6.6oz adiZero Feather for those who want lightweight. But, lightweight is not the purpose of the Gel-Blur and their wide fitting design plus padded sole needs that extra weight.

Player Reaction
The colorway is very dynamic, although it didn’t get many favorable reviews from fellow players. Personally, I didn’t mind the design too much and I like how the Red upper with Yellow Trim meshes together.

Recommended For
Because of the well padded nature of the shoe, it is a top option for players who want or need to do some longer distance running. The cradle like lacing system means your foot will be extremely secure and held in place across both road and off-road surfaces. If you have a wide fit or just like a padded and snug fitting shoe, I’m listing these as a top option. Those with a narrow fit or who like a little extra space around the ankle will need to look elsewhere.

Available Colorways
There are plenty of colorways available in the Gel-Blur series and new ones being released all the time. Some of the them are pretty funky, while others are decently fashionable. Below is a small selection of whats currently on offer.

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  1. I stick to the lunar glide series from Nike and have never been disappointed. A perfect stability shoe.

  2. I love Asics… that being said. I hate their colorways 🙁

  3. Mizuno Wave Rider 15 because 1) I prefer more rigidity to my shoes, which Mizuno provides, and 2) it doesn't have that bouncy/marshmallow feel I get from some shoes (ones I tried – Asics Nimbus 14, Nike Pegasus 29, Sacouny ProGrid).

  4. Got these in the USA color way for the Olympics! Very comfortable and pretty durable!

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