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Concave Volt+ Released – A Speed Boot With Sweet Spot!

Concave Volt+ Release

It has been a while since we have featured a Concave boot on the site, but the latest from the Australian brand hits an extremely new note. Welcome in the Concave Volt+, a speed boot that includes innovative sweet-spot technology and helps pacey players hit knuckleball screamers!

Concave already has a control and power boot on the market, so the introduction of a speed boot really establishes all-round coverage from the patent brand. Obviously, the key area of the boot is the concave component, the shield that sits just above the tongue. It sits there to improve striking ability and provide a larger sweet spot for connecting with the ball.  Added to a lightweight frame and gently textured microfiber upper, the general performance of this boot is going to be completely different to anything we have experienced before!

Concave Volt+

A few other quick notes:

In terms of design, I’m all about this simple yet extremely effective colorway. Concave use a Black/Pink design to its full effect, highlighting the brand while maintaining a classic appearance.

The soleplate on this version is designed for FG surfaces. But more notable is its similarity to the Pele Trinity soleplate through the forefoot. It is not identical, but it has that slick, streamlined appearance that is designed to bite through surfaces and provide clinical traction.

We are not likely to see these available in the US anytime soon. Concave’s last venture into the market proved rough and they actually filed for bankruptcy in 2011. They obviously learned from that experience and haven’t returned since. You can order them from the UK if you really want a pair!

With that, we want to know what you think of this design and Concave boots in general? Does the technology tickle your fancy or intrigue you in anyway? What would your reaction be if more pro players were wearing them?

Concave Volt Front Shield

Concave Volt

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