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Best Soccer Cleats for Durability

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Finding a boot that lasts longer than the time it took for you to pick them out is harder than you think these days! I get a lot of emails from readers who just can’t seem to find a pair of boots that last a season and they end up frustrated looking for a durable pair of soccer cleats.

With that in mind and since we are hitting August pre-season, this post offers a breakdown of the more durable options we have found on the market, with some additional and extremely valuable advice added as a bonus. Experiences with boots can vary from player to player, but having tested the majority of boots on the market we can tell you what to look for and what to avoid.

Price Does Not Equal Durability!
Contrary to popular belief, paying more for boots does not mean a more durable boot! In fact, the opposite is often the truth. Companies go about producing professional level boots at the higher price end of the market. Here is the key thing to note, no professional players wear one pair of boots for an entire season. Think about it, whether it is an international star or a semi professional player in the lower divisions, more than 1 pair of boots are needed for an entire season. If you truely want to find the perfect balance of performance and durability, look at more of the $80 to $150 price point. For those on a tighter budget, $50 boots can definitely be top options in terms of durability, but often times they fall short in performance – something to note.

Without further ado, head done below for my selection of top durable options!

Durable Soccer Cleats

Nike Tiempo IV – $159.99

A lot of people swear by the durability of the Tiempo, and I tend to agree that they offer one of the best options on the market. The upper of the boot is padded in such a way that it keeps you well protected without taking away from your natural touch, while the quilted stitch pattern featured on the upper also allows the leather to move more naturally or in sync with the movements of your feet. Read Review.

Adidas adiPure 11Pro – $149.99

Even though they are not the best adiPure release to date, Adidas has paid attention to creating a lighter and more weatherproof controlled boot by adding a Taurus leather upper. Along the front of the boot, you also have an ultra thin layer of protection, called Duracoat, that covers what is an area of high abrasion. A new conical shaped stud configuration is also designed to be more abrasion resistant, while improving surface penetration. Read review.

UA Hydrastrike Pro II – $124.99

The newest release to be added to this list and for good reason. I am heavily impressed with what UA has done with this range and when it comes to durability, they are a boot that will survive a full season. They are also very affordable, easy to break in and feature a high performing K-leather upper. Read Review.

Nike T90 Strike IV – $109.99

You might be surprised that I have added the Strike instead of the Laser. Well, this addition is based off of player feedback, and I have had a lot of friends compliment the overall performance and durability they have encountered. It seems like there is something about these boots that makes them a solid long term investment and I definitely agree. Read review.

Diadora Evoluzione K Pro – $159.99

Diadora has a reputation for delivering consistent and extremely long term performing boots. I was stuck between this boot and the Maracana, but I feel that the small tweaks made on this boot, make it a better option. The upper is well constructed, with plenty of protection right around the heal and the K-leather upper is ultra supple. Oh, and excuse the colorway featured in the image above – yikes! Read Review.

Lotto Stadio Primato – $89.99

This is a boot that offers about the most consistent level of performance you will find. I haven’t met a person who has worn these and ended up disapprving of what they have to offer. Fact is, the K-leather upper on these boots ranks right at the top of the market, while they seem to offer far better durability properties than some of the newest releases on the market. Best of all, check out that price-point!! Read Review.

In your opinion, what is the most durable boot on the market? If you have a boot that you feel should be included, we want to know – so leave a comment down below!

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