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Review Scores

Welcome to our review scores page, where you can get a summary insight into our performance thoughts on each boot reviewed. The graph can be sorted, and there is a “search” bar on the top right of there is anything specific you want to find. Please note, these scores are representative of our experience with each boot, having put them through extensive testing. If you don’t agree, use the review link and leave us your thoughts/comments there.

Finally, for a breakdown on what each category references and how scoring works, please see details below the graph.

Silo ComPerTecVisCatAVGRetailYR
Mizuno Basara 101 MIJreview887687.4$28016
adidas Ace 16.2 Primemeshreview566755.8$13016
Puma evoPOWER 1.3review988698.0$22016
Puma evoSPEED SL Kreview787987.8$25016
adidas Ace 16+ Primeknitreview988788.0$25016
adidas X 15.2review886697.4$11016
Puma evoSPEED SL-Sreview787787.4$20016
adidas Ace 16+ PURECONTROLreview689887.8$30016
Nike Tiempo Legend 6review988898.4$21016
adidas Messi 15.1review677877.0$21015
New Balance Visaroreview566866.2$18015
Under Armour Speedformreview997788.0$22015
adidas Ace 15.1review988698.0$20015
Puma evoPOWER 1.2review678777.0$20015
adidas X 15.1review878697.6$20015
Nike Hypervenom Phantom IIreview689867.4$27515
adidas Primeknit 2.0review779777.4$25015
adidas Glororeview986898.0$11015
Asics DS Light X-FLY Kreview976787.4$21515
Puma King SL Classicoreview876787.2$25015
adidas adiZero f50review797898.0$22015
Nike Elastico Superfly TFreview678877.2$15015
Puma King II EF+review677656.2$20015
adidas 11Proreview988798.2$20015
Diadora DD NA 2review766786.8$15015
Puma evoSPEED 1.3 Lreview785666.4$20015


The 5 key categories featured in the columns are as follows:

COM – “Comfort”; How do the boots break in and how do they feel during a 90 minute game?
PER – “Performance”; For striking shots to general traction across multiple surfaces, how does the boot function in game?
TEC – “Tech Specs”; What has the brand done to create a different type of positive experience for players? And most importantly, does it work?
VIS – “Visual Effect”; How does the boot look and is there a standout “Hollywood” effect when you see them first?
CAT – “Category Score”; Each boot falls into a specific category. Examples include¬†speed, comfort, power, control or economical. We base the specific boot against every other boot in that bracket.
AVE – “Average”; The boots average score across 5 categories.


In order to evaluate appropriately, we use a scale of 1-10. But, we only use scores between 4 and 10. To give you more details and how we think about each boot, the following one-word guide best describes each number:

4 – Awful
5 – Not good
6 – Average
7 – Good
8 – Impressive
9 – Absolute quality
10 – Top class, it doesn’t get better!

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  1. Please do some reviews on mizuno and lotto takedowns please???

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