Tuesday , July 23 2024

Joma Total Fit Released

Joma Total Fit football boot

The Joma Total Fit is a pretty unique soccer cleat! In the next few weeks, I plan to test these out and I am intrigued to do so, primarily because of their design.

Joma use a single piece of Kangaroo leather for the upper, meaning there are no seems to be seen. The front of the cleat is totally smooth and has no internal stitching. Not only that, but Joma use a new multi-stud design, and a lightweight sole plate (with a more narrow arch) that leaves the cleat weighing in at an impressive 9.4oz! The cleat is made in Spain, with the initial release colors coming in a true black and a true white.

Straight up, I am impressed with Joma’s approach to the market by releasing simple colors that don’t detract from what they have to offer performance wise. Burning question of course is “What do these cleats have to offer and how do they actually perform?” and I am really interested to put them through some thorough testing. Keep an eye out for more info and a review to follow pretty soon!

Joma Total Fit WhiteJoma Total Fit in Black

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  1. Pepe Reina has been rockin these in a 6 stud…been wondering what they were, well done!!!

  2. these shoes are killa, super comfort and eww tight! the arch support does make snug fit, kinda remind me to talaria IV. multistuds is a great idea too. light weight n comfy. too bad Kanoute is often injured so these boots have less “Spot” on the field

  3. remind me to UHLSPORT KIKKSOKKE. But KIKKSOKKE have lace cover and bladed studs.

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