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Complete List Of Soccer Boot Brands From A-to-Z

Complete List of Boot Brands

Who doesn’t love a little extra education when it comes to boots and boot brands! With a little extra free time on our hands, we decided to try to piece together a complete list of influential boot brands that have played an impactful role in the world of soccer. It is an ever evolving list, that I hope some of you will be able to add suggestions to. We decided to start by focusing on more well known brands, or those that there is still boot images and significant content available for.

If you haven’t heard of some of the brands before, we encourage you to search for them on Google to see more images of what boots they created! And we also hope you will help by suggesting more brands that we might have missed, with some details about them if you have it.

A – adidas, Asics, Admiral, Arrow, Aspero, Apta, Akuna Cinquestelle

adidas need little introduction, the German brand is one of the most influential soccer footwear companies worldwide. Originally founded in 1924 under the name Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory.

asics were active on the US market up until a year or two ago, but have since scaled back. They still own a huge piece of the Asian boot market.

Admiral is an English brand who have been producing soccer kits since the 1960s. They have always produced more economical, budget friendly shoes.

Apta is an Italian brand that has been around for the past 30 years, with more classic style boots on offer.

Aspero were a German brand who opened in 2011 and closed in 2014. They released a tech “heavy” boot called the Aspero Classic.

Akuna Cinquestelle is an Italian brand that handcrafts soccer shoes. Formed in Ascoli, 1911, this is a 4th generation family run company.

B – Brooks, Bata, Brine, Bikkembergs

Brooks is better known for their running shoes and have been around since 1914. Their best success with boots came in the early ’90s, endorsed by Paul Gascoigne.

Bata is a brand based in Malaysia.

Brine, a brand you might be familiar with because of their soccer balls. They have also released several boots, none have been overly successful.

Bikkembergs combine fashion with soccer footwear, designer boots out of Belgium.

C – Concave, Converse, Cruyff, Charly, Calzature King

Concave produce boots with a wild looking shot shield (or Accustrike Technology) across the lacing, based out of Australia.

Converse is a US fashion brand who released several soccer boots in the ’80s.

Cruyff Sports is based in Holland and celebrate the legend himself. They have released several iconic boot silos in recent years.

Charly is an athletic apparel company based out of Mexico, they have been around since the 1950s.

Calzature King was established in the 1980s in Rudiano, a province of Brescia. Specialize in the production, wholesale and retail of soccer footwear.

D – Diadora, Dunlop, Danese Calzature

Diadora is still considered to be one of the top soccer footwear brands. Based out of Italy and founded in 1948. They are, however, overdue some new boot releases.

Dunlop, better known for producing car tires, dabbled in the boot market in the 70s and 80s.

Danese Calzature is a company based in Italy that specializes in manufacturing sports shoes. Their products are entirely made in Italy, specifically in their facility located in Monopoli, in the province of Bari, Puglia

E – Errea, Eescord

Errea is an Italian sportwear company that you might recognize from recent Iceland jerseys. Tried releasing several boots between 2000-2010 with minimal success.

Eescord is a Mexican brand, known for their Adolfo Bautista boots.

F – Fila

Fila was started in Italy, but has since switched to the US and is now a South Korean brand. Released several boots with limited success.

G – Gola, GAViC

Gola was originally called the Bozeat Boot Company. English brand that produced some iconic boots during the 70s and 80s.

The GAViC is a brand mainly present in Asia (Japan and China), specialized in soccer and indoor soccer. Founded in 2012.

H – Hummel, Hi-Tec

Hummel is a Danish boot brand that was founded in 1923. Still poduce some quality boots.

Hi-Tec was founded in the UK and produced low-tier boots, better known as a multi-sport brand.

I – Inter

Inter was an English brand that produced running shoes, with several classic style soccer shoes.

J – Joma

Joma is a Spanish sports clothing brand that produce some soccer boots and a host of the best futsal boots available.

K – Kappa, Kelme, Kronos

Kappa is an Italian brand better known for their soccer kits. Produced some low-priced boots without much success.

Kelme is a Spanish sportswear company founded in 1963, they produce low-end soccer boots.

Kronos released boots in the 80s and 90s for players like Hristo Stoichkov and at one point Gabriel Batistuta.

L – Lotto, Ligne 7, Lanzera, Le Coq Sportif, Legacy Boot Co.

Lotto is an Italian sportswear brand that continue to produce a mix of premium leather and tech advanced releases.

Ligne 7 was a brand that released professional style leather boots in the early 90s.

Lanzera was an Italian inspired athletic brand based in the US circa 1994. The company was a pioneer in sponsoring young American players including John Harkes, Claudio Reyna, and April Heinrichs.

Le Coq Sportif is a French producer of athletic shoes and sportswear. Founded in 1882, they are not known for producing soccer footwear currently.

Legacy Boot Co. is a current American brand that produce old school, traditional style boots without the flashiness of current day releases.

M – Mizuno, Mitre, Munich, Manriquez, Milémil

Mizuno is a leading soccer footwear brand known for producing high quality MIJ (Made In Japan) boots. The brand has been around since 1906.

Mitre is a brand known for producing high quality soccer balls (the original Premier League ball.) An English sports company originally founded in 1817!

Munich is a Spanish brand founded in 1939. One of the best futsal and indoor shoe brands in the world.

Manriquez is a Mexican brand that have been around for close to 50 years. They produce quality, inexpensive soccer boots.

Milémil is a relatively new French company that is looking to keep traditional boots alive using fine quality leather that is lined with organic cotton.

N – Nike, New Balance, Nomis

Nike is one of the leading brands in the world of soccer. An American brand that was founded in 1964, became known as Nike in 1971. You know their boots!

New Balance has become one of the top 5 go to soccer brands in the past few years. Originally formed in 1906, they are an American brand.

Nomis was an Australian football shoe manufacturer founded by former Adidas senior vice president Simon Skirrow. Filled for bankruptcy in 2010.

O – Olympic

Based out of Cape Town, Olympic is a South African brand that were founded in 1918. Their emergence in soccer footwear only came around 1994.

P – Puma, Patrick, Pony, Pantofola d’oro, Penalty, Pele Sports, Power, Pirma, Pan

Puma is one of the leading soccer footwear brands in the world. Founded in Germany, 1948, after the Dassler brothers decided to split and form two different entities.

Patrick is a French brand that produces traditional style soccer footwear.

Pony is an American brand that produced a small range of soccer footwear around 2003.

Pantofola d’oro was established in Ascoli Piceno, 1886, the brand has become synonymous with precise craftsmanship, legendary authenticity, and unmistakably Italian style.

Penalty is a Brazilian company founded in 1970. They attempted to release a boot via QR code in 2011 with little success.

Pele Sports was an American brand formed to celebrate Pele around 2010. Their lifespan was shortlived, even with the release of some incredibly artistic boots.

Power was an English company that had success producing “high quality soccer boot at the right price” during the 1970s.

Pirma is a Mexican brand with many stores that has been around since 1990. They still produce low priced soccer footwear.

Pan is a brand established in 1977, Bangkok. They currently produce low-end soccer and futsal footwear.

Q – Quasar, Quick

Quasar was an English brand that produced synthetic boots in the early 90s. Gary Lineker endorsed them at one stage!

Quick was a dutch brand that formed in 1905. They quit producing soccer footwear in 1992.

R – Reebok, Ryal, Retrostar Classic

Reebok is an English born-American footwear and apparel company. They stopped producing soccer footwear in 2005 after merging into the adidas brand.

Ryal is an Italian brand that have been around since 1950. They handcraft very high quality leather boots in small batches.

Retrostar Classic is a German brand formed in 2012 by Markus Stolla, who travels around Germany in a custom van selling the boots.

S – Sondico, Stylo Matchmakers, Specs, Serafino

Sondico was originally founded as a sport accessories manufacturer in India. The company relocated to Oldham near Manchester in 1970. They still create low-tier soccer footwear.

Stylo Matchmakers is the brand best known for supplying boots to George Best, Kevin Keegan and at one stage, Pele. An English brand, they have made a mini comeback in the past few years.

Specs is an Indonesian brand that has been around since the 1980s.

Serafino is an English based brand that create one of the most ridiculous boot designs you will ever see.

T – Topper, Tepa Sport

Topper is a reputable South American brand, primarily in Brazil and Argentina specifically. Founded in 1975.

Tepa Sport is an Italian soccer brand that produced quality soccer footwear and apparel in the 1980s.

U – Umbro, Under Armour, Uhlsport, Unozero

Umbro is an English sportswear and football equipment supplier that was formed in 1924. They are currently refocusing the brand after a 2007 Nike buyout striped their business.

Under Armour is an American company formed in 1996, one of the younger brands on the list. They have several soccer boot silos available, but have been a very quiet player in recent years.

Uhlsport is a German company better known for their gloves. Formed in 1948, they have produced some not so successful boots in recent years.

Unozero is a very new American brand, formed in 2019. They focus on providing players with a premium boot and an experience that you won’t get from your standard issue release.

V – Valsport, Vizari

Valsport is an Italian footwear brand established in 1920. They produced some of the most popular soccer footwear between 1920 and 1940.

Vizari Sport USA is an established brand in the soccer specialty industry, focused on producing low-cost soccer footwear. Founded in 1998.

W – Warrior Sports

Warrior Sports is an American brand better known for their Lacrosse gear. Produced some boots around 2012 before being bought out by New Balance.

X – X-Blades

X-Blades is an Australian Rugby and AFL focused brand that created a range of soccer hybrid boots in 2013.

Y- Yasuda

Yasuda is a Japanese soccer shoes brand that was established in 1932 as Yasuda Shoe Store in Koishikawa, Tokyo.

Z – Zygo

Zygo Sports released the Zygo Deztruct around 2010, they were pretty radical and a little disgusting. You can still find them selling boots to the Australian market.

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  1. Hy there! You have forgotten some small companies, all fo them but Gavic are handcrafted boots: Gavic, Athena, Yasuda, Calzature King, Danese, Battaglia, Manenti, Magresi, Ferrari and surely others I don't know… Everybody gets stuck with Adidas, Puma and Nike, and don't look towards the smaller companies (mizuno included) which really do a stellar job…

  2. Encyclopedic & inclusive article …. Just missed John Smith Boots which ware by Dan Petriscu.

  3. Most complete list on the web so far….. but again better to add Luanvi boots which wore by Croatian Goran Vlaovic in World cup Finals 1998.

  4. K-Swiss made soccer shoes also. I once bought a pair in Owensboro, Kentucky in 1989. Synthetic, sloppy fit, didn’t breathe. At least they were cheap!

  5. When I was in high school, during the mid 1980s, I remember a brand of boots that were quite popular named “Kudos”. They had styles named after English teams (I wore Ipswich). I can’t seem to find anything about this brand and it is not on your list. Have you heard of the brand? I’m very curious.

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