Wednesday , February 21 2024

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Alexia Putellas Custom Ballon d’Or Feminin Nike Phantom GT2

Custom Putellas Phantom GT

After winning her second Ballon d’Or Feminin award, Nike presented Alexia Putellas with an incredible custom pair of Phantom GT2. Designed in gold/silver/black colors, they are a one off pair, with Putellas having the only one. So, there won’t be any similar versions released to the public. Built for the …

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Charly Hyperstrike PFX Feature Review

Review Charly Hyperstrike PFX

One of the latest cleats that Charly has released to market is the Hyperstrike PFX. What could be classed as their most advanced silo to date, the Hyperstrike is designed around Motion Knit technology for an ergonomic fit and freedom of movement. Matched with colorful upper designs and a competitive …

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What PUMA Junior Soccer Cleat Has Become A Kid Favorite?

Puma FUTURE 2.3 Junior Soccer Cleat review

For those that don’t know, my kids have jumped into the testing game and review different pairs of soccer cleats, offering up their take on kids options. There are lags in between getting new pairs in, that is when we see them settle into the pairs that they have and …

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adidas Drop Limited Edition Predator Absolute 2006 Remake

adidas release Predator Absolute 2006 Gold

adidas has dropped their latest limited collection release by recreating a classic from 2006, the golden Predator Absolute that were worn by Zinedine Zidane as he led France out for the World Cup final. The end result of that game was the famous Zidane headbutt of Materazzi, which he received …

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Nike Release Air Zoom Mercurial CR7 World Cup Edition

Nike Zoom Mercurial CR7 World Cup

We now know what the boots Cristiano Ronaldo will wear at the 2022 World Cup look like, with Nike dropping his latest signature release today! He has been treated to a fresh Mercurial Air Zoom Superfly IX design that features an exclusive pattern paying tribute to Portuguese culture and heritage. …

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10 Biggest Boot Releases You Might Have Missed!

Benzema Ballon d'Or Boots

With the World Cup only a few weeks away, we are seeing brands duke it out by releasing some extraordinary new boots, with the goal of capturing as much attention as they can. This is the time when all eyes are focused on club teams and games, anticipating what is …

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UnoZero Release Turf Specific DOMINIO TF

UnoZero TF

UnoZero has upgraded their line-up by creating a new turf specific option called the DOMINIO. Translating to Dominance, DOMINIO boots are handcrafted in Italy by the best shoemakers in the game. They feature a leather forefoot that molds to the foot for a superior and natural fit, as well as, …

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adidas Predator Edge 94+ “Control Legacy” Released

adidas Predator Edge 94+ Released

adidas is taking nostalgia to the next level by dressing the Predator EDGE+ in an OG Predator 1994 colorway. We are talking the original, with this unique version celebrating the arrival of the games most impactful power silo. The upper incorporates Predator 94 details including a leather upper, raised power …

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Puma ULTRA Ultimate Teaser Prototype Released

Puma ULTRA Ultimate Teaser

It is unusual to see Puma release a prototype colorway after the actual boot is released to market, but that is what they have done with the latest ULTRA Ultimate design. Introducing the razzle-dazzle style Puma ULTRA Ultimate Teaser Prototype. This is a version of the boot wrapped in a …

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PUMA Release FUTURE 1.4 NJR “Rare Edition”

PUMA are back with a limited edition release that celebrates Tricks of the past, while also giving Neymar a new signature look. The FUTURE 1.4 NJR “Rare” makes a bold statement with a colorway inspired by rare metals and all the space-age PUMA tech to back it up. Individual colors …

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