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Small Business Saturday 2013 – Show Your Support

Soccer Small Business

Even though we talk about a lot of deals online, we never forget the importance of the “brick and mortar” stores out there. In fact, some of our most important partners (WeGotSoccer and SoccerLoco) are built from brick and mortar and have some of the best retail stores you will …

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Warrior Skreamer Revealed in Mirage Colorway


Welcome in the latest bold colorway from the folks at Warrior Sports on the Skreamer silo, this one coming in a signature Mirage Grey/Black/Green. Immediately, you will notice there is something very different about this version of Warrior’s Power boot, with an almost camo like design covering the boot. The …

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Black Friday 2013 – Complete List of Soccer Deals

Black Friday 2013

YES – IT IS HERE! I’m not going to lie, I am a fan of this weekend as it is our opportunity to really get ahead of the game and steal pick-up some incredible deals from our friends in the on-line boot industry. Black Friday through Cyber Monday has never been …

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Soccer.com Black Friday 2013 Sale – Now LIVE!

Every year we await details of the Soccer.com Black Friday sale, and this year we were introduced to them a day early! Your choice this year is to grab $20 off any order of $99 or above by using code 1CHEER. Plus, you also have the opportunity of picking up …

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Diadora DD-Evoluzione 2 K Review

Diadora DD-Evoluzione Boot Review

Earlier this year, we saw a large surge in the number of boots released by Diadora, the last of which we have to review being the DD-Evoluzione 2 K. These boots have been lingering in the SoccerCleats101 office for some time and we finally had the opportunity to break them …

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SoccerCleats101 Guide to Boots on Black Friday

Black Friday 2013

When it comes to Black Friday sales, we are often left with many decisions on which boot sales to take advantage of. It is the one time all year when you can really splurge and invest in some top pairs at pretty ridiculous low prices. We will be bringing you …

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What to Wear For Various Alternate Soccer Games

Street Soccer Court

Street Soccer is any informal variety of association football/soccer. The idea of it is to provide a different spin on the traditional game, and it can help improve your skills in a variety of ways. Unlike the name leads you to believe, it doesn’t have to be played in the …

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The Soccer List – Featuring an Ashes Tribute and Le Coupe Grey

G’day and welcome to your regularly scheduled edition of The Soccer List, where every Monday (usually morning) I channel my inner Pat Benatar and Hit You With My Best Shot (kids if you don’t know that reference look it up it’s classic music), of news and views from the week past and including …

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What is the Copa Mundial Price Increase All About?


In the world of boots, I don’t think we have ever seen a single silo price increase by $30 out of the blue – but that is the case with the fabled Adidas Copa Mundial. This one is sure to cause a reaction. The Adidas folks have somehow found value …

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Nike Elastico II Pro – Boot Review

The autumn chill has occurred and soccer in most Northerly climes in North America has moved indoors; to be completely honest I couldn’t be more thrilled about this. There are two reasons behind my happiness, the first is that I enjoy the freedom and quick thinking required in the small …

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Best Soccer Cleats for Creative Players

Henry Creative Player

What do Messi, Oscar, Ozil, Thierry Henry and Xavi all have in common? They are all creative masterminds out on the field. Rather than boots by position I believe in boots by style. One of the most impressive and vital styles on the field has to be those who use …

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Warrior Superheat Released in Red/Yellow Colorway

Warrior Superheat S-Lite Detailing

Warrior Sports is back with their second installment of the new Superheat S-Lite series, and there is something oddly familiar about the look. As with the initial release that we broke details of earlier this week, this McDonalds style design is the latest boot to tackle the lightweight speed boot …

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