Friday , December 1 2023

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Best Cleats by Position: Center Backs

Finding the right pair of soccer cleats is paramount to ensuring you are performing at the highest level come kick-off. Each position is going to have specific boots that are more suited than others. So, in our Best Cleats by Position series, we take a look at what boots suit …

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Blackout Adidas Predator Released

You gotta love this latest design from Adidas. This is about as minimal as you can get in terms of looks, yet their is almost a futuristic feel to the new Adidas Predator X in Black/Black/Dark Shale. I can’t believe it was almost a year and a half ago that …

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Latest Joma Total Fit Colorways Released

Red Joma Total Fit

Joma have released several new colorways in their top range, the Total Fit. The highlight of the Total Fit lies in how they are created – with one single piece of K-Leather. They are an extremely unique boot that have a ton of simplicity, yet the comfort of any modern …

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Puma King Finale versus Diego

Puma have released their latest version of the classic and extremely popular Puma King soccer cleat. The Puma King Finale is the latest boot in a range that dates back to the 1960’s. But to go along with the Finale, Puma have also released the Puma King Diego – a …

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Moving on from the adiPure III!

Now that the Adidas adiPure IV has hit the market, we are going to see its predecessor the adiPure III go down in price and availability. One of the most common questions I get is whether someone should go for the new version or the old version? Having tested both …

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Latest SC101 Arrival

For those of you that might be wondering where I disappeared to in the past week, I was busy welcoming the latest addition to the SoccerCleats101 family (and household!) Mckinley Byrne arrived at 7pm last Thursday night, and I am now a very, very proud Dad! What this now means …

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Skunkies Giveaway Winners

A few days later than expected, but the winners of the Skunkies giveaway are: Peter You know that smell that one friend has. You know he’s your buddy and your go to guy when you need someone to practice footy with, except he really smells after. Yeah, my cleats reak …

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Nike Tiempo Legend III in White/Black/Volt

Nike have released the latest colorway in their highly rated Nike Tiempo Legend III series, coming in an easy to spot White/Black/Volt. The highlight of the Tiempo series is the super soft, handcrafted kangaroo leather that is designed for a super comfortable fit. These boots are an all round performer, …

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Skunkies: Update and Giveaway

New Skunkies

The Skunkies team just sent me over a batch of their latest updated product a few weeks back – and I am loving the upgrades they have made. For those of you that have not heard of Skunkies, they are a scented insert you place inside your soccer cleats or …

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Nike5 Bomba Turf – Welcome to the Cage

Something I don’t get to play enough right now, but wish I could more, is short sided five aside games. Loving the below video (released in October) that highlights the Nike5 Bomba Turfs – it gives me an itch for getting out to play (and I even found a venue …

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Roque Santa Cruz Back at Blackburn Rovers

For these of you in the US, these pictures will make no sense – but they signal Roque Santa Cruz return to Blackburn Rovers. In the background of the image is the “Rovers Return Inn“, a pub in one of the most famous TV shows on English television – Coronation …

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Just Arrived – Puma King Finale

Ah yes, nothing beats opening a new box of leather cleats! Just arrived today is the Puma King Finale – one of the classiest boots on the market. I just reviewed the Puma King Diego, so know exactly how these will perform. Here is the thing, these boots are the …

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