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What Kind Of Leather Do I Have?

You might have noticed several types of Leathers being used on some of the latest soccer cleat releases that you haven’t heard of before. For the most part, Adidas are the ones with the strangely named new materials, making the market a little more interesting (some say complicated). We have already covered how to take care of leather cleats, so here is a breakdown of whats what in terms of the leathers you are likely to see, in order to help you out when choosing new cleats.

Kangaroo Leather (K-Leather)


Pro’s: Offers a lightweight, glove-like fit with excellent touch on the ball. Stretches and molds to the foot after wearing several times.
Not waterproof and it lacks durability seen in other leathers.
Interesting Fact:
K-Leather has 10 times the tensile strength of cowhide and is 50% stronger than goatskin!
Found on: Adidas adiPure III, Nike T90 Laser III, Puma PowerCat

Calfskin Leather (full-grain)

Full Grain Leather

Pro’s: Very durable and comfortable when they are broken in, helps develop a great touch.
Con’s: Not as soft as K-Leather and takes a little longer to mold to your feet.
Interesting Fact:
Full grain is the most common leather found on mid to high-end boots.
Found on: Under Armour Dominate, Adidas adizero

Synthetic Leather (man-made)

Synthetic Leather

Pro’s: Durable and retains its shape well. It is stretch and abrasion resistant, waterproof and breathable.
Con’s: Less feel and natural touch, it is slightly thicker and a little stiffer than K-Leather.
Interesting Fact:
Synthetic leather is a man made fabric that is designed to look like K-leather.
Found on: Nike CTR360 Maestri, Nike Vapor VI

Know Your Adidas Leathers

Galeo is a soft, lightweight and breathable leather that has been specifically treated at a tannery to allow for a glove like fit. (Adidas adizero)
Taurus is a full-grain calf leather that combines unsurpassed softness with a lightweight feel. It is durable and weatherproof. (Adidas Predator X)
Ult-K Leather is a soft, quick drying and breathable full grain leather that is designed to feel a lot like K- leather. (Adidas F50i TUNiT)

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