Friday , September 29 2023

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Diadora Evoluzione K Pro GX 14 Released

Diadora are back with a new, rather full-flavored release, the first we have seen from the Italian company in a while. There are a lot of visuals behind the Evoluzione K Pro GX 14 and it is a boot that features plenty of Diadora’s key technology. The first release in …

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Mizuno Supersonic Wave 2 Review

Mizuno Supersonic Wave 2

 Mizuno are a brand that continue to tease the taste buds of soccer players in the US with their range of consistent performing boots proving difficult to buy here! If there is an opportunity that the Japanese giant will enter the market, the Supersonic Wave 2 will certainly be a …

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Time For New Indoor or Turf Shoes – Weekend Special!

Note: this deal has been extended through Monday – expires at midnight! We have another EXCLUSIVE for SoccerCleats101 readers that gives you more than just a great deal – you get 20% off plus a free giftcard with any purchase over $50! This deal is valid on ANY Indoor or …

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Just Arrived: Puma King Finale SL

Puma King Finale SL arrived

You can call this somewhat of a “surprise arrival” as I wasn’t expecting a pair for review – but having the Puma King Finale SL in hand, I am excited about testing them! Puma has followed a growing trend by producing a lightweight version of its heritage boot. I’m not …

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Adidas F50 adiZero miCoach vs Pele Trinity

I have received several emails from readers recently, looking for details on which boot is a better option; the Adidas F50 adiZero miCoach or the Pele Trinity 3E. Both boots offer their own individual set of positive characteristics to the market, so defining which one is “better” is simply unrealistic. …

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Just Arrived: Adidas adiPure 11Pro

adiPure Logo

I have been waiting to get my hands on these for a few weeks now, but finally the Adidas adiPure 11Pro has arrived for review! The newest heritage boot from Adidas features a Taurus leather upper, a ton of modifications and it comes in at a lightweight 8.2oz – the …

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Umbro Speciali 3 in Black/Blue Released

Hot off the initial release of the Umbro Speciali 3, there is another new time-honored colorway available for players to choose from! The most impressive part is that we have the first exclusive images of the boots, to give you an up-close and personal view of just how they look. …

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Puma King Finale SL Released

There is a traditional look about this release, but under the hood the offer what you don’t expect! The new Puma King Finale SL weighs in at a pretty appetizing 7.9oz, which represents a 1.3oz drop from the regular King Finale. Off course, it is the regions where the boot …

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Puma V1.11 in Dresden Blue/White/Lime Punch

The first Spring looking release of the year has hit the market, coming in the form of the Puma V1.11. We are pretty familiar with eccentric releases from Puma and this Dresden Blue/White/Lime Punch offers a combo of colors that sway well away from tradition. Reaction to the release has …

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Puma PowerCat 1.12 in Black/Dark Shadow/Lime Punch

Straight off the bat, I can tell you that simply looking at pictures of this new colorway in the Puma PowerCat 1.12 series really doesn’t do them justice. It comes in an official Black/Dark Shadow/White/Lime Punch, but the Dark Shadow upper that sits around the ankle region offers an almost …

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Adidas F50 adiZero in Phantom/Electricity

If you are a fan of the Adidas F50 adiZero range, but have not yet found the right colorway, Adidas has released a new Phantom/White/Electricity version that incorporates a recent release with very atypical colors. From what we have seen so far, this is one of the better looking releases …

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Umbro Geometra Pro in White/Red/Kingfisher

We have seen some excellent releases from Umbro in recent times, and this colorway release in the Geometra Pro range continues to increase their stock. This is officially the White/Red/Kingfisher colorway, as debuted over the past few weekends in the EPL – you might have spotted players such as Liverpool’s …

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