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Past Legends – What Would They Be Wearing Today?

Past Legends Boots

Here is a pretty legit question: If some of the top players from the past were playing today, what boots would they now be wearing?

I got thinking about this the other day, and it is a pretty legit question. The market has definitely changed and we are currently engulfed in lightweight releases. So, I decided to put together a list of top players and the boots I think would match their current day requirements.

Now, before I start, it is pretty obvious that most of the players below would head into a store and simply pick up a pair of Copa Mundials and walk out without looking at any of the other flashy and colorful boots sitting on the shelves. This is a very open minded look, with the resulting boots my pick for each player – not necessarily the players desired pick!

Check the list below and leave your thoughts or player suggestions in the comment section.

George Best – Adidas F50 adiZero (review)
Why? Full of tricks and speed, Best is a player with similar style to Messi – except Best played and consistently beat defenders on bumpy and muddy pitches. The F50 is built around speed and would have been an ideal option to match Best’s skill set. And of course since “Booze and Birds” played such a significant role in Best’s career, a boot with plenty of attitude is a must. Find a pair!

Diego Maradonna – Puma evoSPEED 1 (details)
Why? Diego recently endorsed the King Diego boot, but I don’t think they would match his aspirations if he was playing today. Instead, I think he would side with his fellow compatriot, Sergio Aguero. The evoSPEED is built with comfort and speed in mind. They are simple, yet they offer an offbeat look that would match Maradona’s ego! Think of how good that goal in ’86 would have looked in white boots! Find a pair!

Pele – Pele Trinity 3E (review)
Why? He has endorsed and pushed the range – so for the small minded, this will look like a no brainer. For the rest of us, the Trinity is a solid boot that is quickly building momentum on the market and would suit the enigmatic striker. A lightweight upper and tri-stud heel design would have Nascimento dancing stylishly around center-backs! Find a pair!

Alan Shearer – Umbro Speciali 3 Pro (review)
Why? This is a very uncontroversial choice. Shearer was always an Umbro wearer through his career and they are a brand built with comfort in mind. Known to be more of a head guy anyway – it is a case of finding a boot that simply works for Shearer to run in, and let his noggin do what it does best. In other words, don’t mess with what works! Find a pair!

Eric Cantona – Nike CTR360 Maestri (review)
Why? There could not be a better boot for the philosophical Cantona. He was a playmaker and a goalscorer with plenty of witty quotes to offer in the post game press conference. Give him a pair of CTR360 Maestri’s and I’m sure we would end up seeing sweet poetry on the field! I can see the advertising campaign right now. Find a pair!

Franz Beckenbauer – Puma PowerCat 1.12 (review)
Why? Beckenbauer was known as Der Kaiser (“The Emperor”) because of his elegant style, his leadership and his dominance on the field. The PowerCat would not only look good on him, but the boots powerful design would olso allow him to control the game consistently for 90 minutes – just like every good German should! Find a pair!

Roy Keane – Adidas adiPure 11Pro (review)
Why? When Roy Keane got angry, there was no stopping him. He was an absolutely no-nonsense player who simply desired the opportunity to hit someone hard…while winning the ball of course…ahem! The adiPure 11Pro is a simple yet thoroughly effective boot that would have worked efficiently with Keane as he scoured the field for his next target! Find a pair!

Michel Platini – Adidas Predator LZ (review)
Why? Platini was known for 2 things in particular, passing the ball extremely well and scoring goals! Personally, I think that is what the new Predator is all about – it covers several different requirements and would look extremely fresh on the current EUFA president! Find a pair!

Kenny Dalglish – Nike T90 Laser IV (review)
Why? Being the goal scoring legend that he was, there is only one boot that would suit King Kenny if he played today – the T90 Laser. Built around power, it is a boot that compliments players such as Rooney, Torres and Sneijder…and I think Kenny would also enjoy the advanced power shooting technology included. Find a pair!

Alexi Lalas – Adidas Copa Mundial (review)
Why? Judging by his commentating skills, Lalas is a guy that likes to keep things pretty basic. I don’t think there is any point in him trying a boot that is updated or features more technology. Just keep him in a pair of classics and let the memory of those long, flowing, red-locks playing at the LA Colessium in 1994 float around your Dreams…or was it the Rose Bowl? Ask Alexi and I’m sure he will let you know! Find a pair!

Marco Van Basten – Adidas adiPower Predator (review)
Why? If you haven’t seen Van Basten’s memorable goal at EURO 1988 check it out here. Being Dutch, there is the obvious comparison with Van Persie, and although they are completely different players I see the both choosing the same venomous boots. But the difference here is that I feel Van Basten would be better suited with the previous version of the Predator – a boot I rate highly! Find a pair!

Neville Southall – Umbro Geometra Pro (review)
Why? I just had to include an inspirational keeper on the list and Southall was that and more! Its no secret that he was known for being larger than life on and off the field, so he would need to take advantage of a more durable boot, thus the Umbro Geometra pro gets the nod! Then again, they are a great option for any keeper, to be honest. Find a pair!

Romario – Nike Vapor VIII (review)
Why? Since he is the self-proclaimed “best player to ever play the game”, it seems to me like he should be wearing the same boot as the current self-proclaimed “best player to ever play the game” (ie. Cristiano Ronaldo). Seriously, he has scored over 1000 goals on 5 continents, so why wouldn’t he use a boot designed to give players a killer edge. Find a pair!

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  1. Gabriel Batistuta – I would put him in a pair of F50's like Messi, and the same version that Messi wears right now! If there was one thing lacking for Batistuta it was his acceleration off the turn, so I think they would give him an extra edge!

  2. ROBERTO BAGGIO ?? cmon one of the greatest players ever

    • Well Lu Divine Ponytail (a nickname for Baggio on my current footy club) always wore Diadora's so I think he'd be very comfy in the Didadora DD Eleven, or possibly the Lotto Stadio Primato's.

  3. What about Johan Cryuff?

  4. Franz Beckenbauer – Puma PowerCat 1.12, really?
    I'd see him in adiPures anyday

  5. haha what about Zico, he played a friendly match against Bayern Munchen old stars and he was wearing the new predator LZ

  6. Wheres Johan Cruyff!!??

  7. Sir Bobby Charlton, Bobby Moore, Hugo Sanchez, Sir Bobby Robson, Gascgoigne, Hoddle, Waddle, Pires, Muller

  8. I always thought Kenny Dalglish to be little bit more of an adipower type of striker.
    Instead of hit hard and get it accurate, he tapped it in with the right swerve and yet controlled his passes perfectly. I see the T90s to be too much of a solely power boot for Dalglish

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