Friday , January 22 2021


Lotto Stadio Primato – Revisited

Lotto Stadio Primato (a)

It has been almost 3 years since we posted a review for the Lotto Stadio Primato, yet the boot still holds a key position amongst boots in the heritage genre. Frequently, I receive feedback from players who swear by the consistency and comfort they offer, and a lot of players …

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Lotto Futura 500 Turf

Side Profile Futura 500

A turf shoe that has been on the market for a while now is the Lotto Futura 500. Unfortunately, at this point they are actually tough to find and as a result I haven’t spent enough time wearing them to give you an in-depth review. But, I have got to …

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Lotto Futura 100 in Acacia Green Released

Lotto Futura 100 Acacia Green

This latest colorway in the Lotto Futura 100 range has actually been on the market a while, it is simply me getting around to it a little later than expected. But, what better timing to talk about the Acacia Green/Obsidian Blue colorway than the week of St Patricks day although …

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Lotto Futura 100 Review

Lotto Futura 100 Upper

Another one of Lotto’s releases in the 2011 series was the Futura 100, a boot built around the ideals of speed. At 9.8oz, it doesn’t feel right adding them to the speed category, but everything about them is geared toward players who want traction and top acceleration out of turns. …

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Lotto Fuerzapura II Review

Even though they don’t compete with the top ranges on the market, lotto continue to produce top class releases that offer optimal performance to professional players. You only need to look at Italy’s Serie A and the number of players wearing Lotto there as an example of their appeal. This …

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Latest Lotto Collection – Who You Got?

A few weeks ago I mentioned that a selection of Lotto boots had arrived in for testing – as pictured above. They are (from left to right) the Futura 100, Stadio Primato, Futura 500 turf and the Fuerzapura. I am currently finalizing a review of the Fuerzapura, which should be …

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Just Arrived: Lotto Futura 100

Although they have been on the market for a while now, I finally just got a pair of Lotto Futura 100 for review. They arrived yesterday along with several other pairs of Lotto boots (which I will be highlighting in the next few weeks) and I actually had a chance …

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Lotto Fuerzapura II 100 Released

Lotto’s latest release onto the market is this fully upgraded Fuerzapura II 100. The original Fuerzapura has not been on the market that long, but Lotto has decided to enhance the range by replacing the synthetic upper with a much improved leather. For the initial roll-out, Lotto has introduced a …

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Lotto Zhero Gravity Released in Blue Aster

Check out the latest colorway release in the laceless Lotto Zhero Gravity Ultra range, coming in a pretty sweet Blue Aster/Black. I have to admit, these shoes look extremely appealing, maybe it has something to do with the futuristic design that that runs along the side of the boot matched …

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Lotto Futura 100 Released

The latest release from Lotto comes in the form of one their most advanced boots yet – the Lotto Futura 100. Designed to combine style with the latest technology, these boots need to be taken seriously, and I like the direction Lotto have headed with this one. Not only do …

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Lotto Zhero Gravity Ultra Spicy Orange Released

All you need to do is read the official colorway of this Lotto Zhero Gravity Ultra release to get an idea of what this soccer cleat is all about – Spicy Orange/Black. Kudos to Lotto for trying something completely new and for releasing what could be one of the most …

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Lotto Fuerzapura L100 Review

The Lotto Fuerzapura might be difficult to pronounce and to spell, but this cleat is a simple, well balanced boot designed to perform on the field. In Spanish, Fuerza Pura means Pure Force giving you the impression that Lotto have designed these to be a power cleat, and after testing …

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Lotto Zhero Gravity Ultra Review

The Lotto Zhero Gravity Ultra is a very unique soccer cleat. In fact, the Lotto Zhero range is the first line of laceless soccer cleats to be released by a big company. To create something in this design takes a lot of research and development, and you have to know …

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