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Post #1000 – The Perfect Excuse for a Giveaway!

1000th Post Giveaway

Welcome to the 1,000th article posted on SoccerCleats101!

That’s right, we have reached a pretty amazing milestone, the 1K club. This is actually a post I’ve been looking forward to for a while as it makes for a perfect giveaway opportunity. And this is no ordinary giveaway!

Up for grabs is a package like no other. One lucky winner will receive a personalized Nike box filled with official Home and Away US matchday jerseys, a Nike USB chip and a brand new pair of Nike CTR360 Maestri in their chosen size. In terms of retail, you would pay over $500 for this package but because of the exclusive Nike US soccer box, you can’t actually put a price on it.

Adding to that, we are going to have 2 runner-up prizes ($50 WeGotSoccer gift cards) as well as a whole bunch of Manifesto posters and line-up t-shirts for other runners up.

For more details on the giveaway – skip below!

Nike Box Giveaway

To Get Entered To Win the Exclusive Nike Box:

  • Leave a comment below telling us which one of the 999 other posts on SoccerCleats101 you like most and why?

To help you out, here is our ARCHIVES page with a listing of every post – simply add a link and a reason for selecting that specific post. Maybe it is your preferred review, a post that helped you pick a pair of boots or just a sale that saved you some money – just leave your honest reason. A winner will be selected at random just before midnight, Friday 9/28/2012 and contacted via email on Saturday – so please include your real email when submitting a comment unless you are logged in using Facebook or Twitter.

If you didn’t already know, you can find us on social media such as Facebook and Twitter to name a few. In order to reward those that follow us, all of the other giveaways will go to our loyal followers – or those that subscribe or follow our updates.

All you need to do to enter for the $50 GiftCards and all other prizes is:

  • Make sure you follow or like us on any of the below – or all of them if you want to increase your chance of winning! If you are already following, well then you are already in the running.

There will be 12 randomly selected names from any of the above sources, from that list each person will be contacted and assigned a prize. *A quick tip, there are some sources with less followers than other.

Best of luck, get entered, thanks for being loyal fans……and here is to another 1,000 posts!

Bryan Byrne – Owner & CEO of SoccerCleats101

WeGotSoccer LogoBut wait, there is more!!!! WeGotSoccer are the ones who have generously supplied the Nike CTR360 Maestri III included in this giveaway. Along with that, they are going to be running their own giveaway. To get entered, head over and “Like” their Facebook page – they will have details on whats up for grabs and when it starts. Don’t miss that!

Big Giveaway Nike Box

Giveaway Rules:
1st place prize is open to US residents only. All other prizes open to worldwide winners.
Competition runs until Friday, September 28th 2012.
All winners selected at random – one winner can be selected for multiple prizes.
SoccerCleats101 has final say on all matters.

About Bryan Byrne

The mastermind behind the revolution that is SoccerCleats101. Bryan started this website back in 2008 and has been testing boots on a daily basis ever since. Check out our About Page for more details on Bryan and the website.

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  1. I liked this post the most: http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/05/23/celebra

    It's because I used the coupon code to order my first pair of Puma boots (Puma King Finale) and I've been liking them ever since.

  2. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/09/14/puma-fr
    My favorite post so far has to be the Puma friends and family sale. I had been wanting to get my hands on a pair of the 1.12 Power cat as they seemed like a very interesting boot. When I saw the post and I had read there was a 40% discount code, out of curiosity I tried it. That's when I saw that the original retail of the boot was $180 but having the sale went down to $108. That's before I put the discount code. After inputting the code I got from SC101 I ended getting these boots for around $65. I really appreciate SC101 for having put this sale on there as it saved me over $100 on boots. Now I constantly check it for reviews on upcoming boots and special offers. Thanks SC101!

  3. I like this post the most http://www.soccercleats101.com/2011/03/02/nike5-l

    I love it because I think that this brings an idea of how the beautiful game can be played anywhere without compromising comfort, or control, or even the fashion that nowadays everyone looks for, it also opens up the door to people to be informed about other options to keep in shape or even just enjoy the game even if it is indoor soccer of maybe even freestyling

  4. This is my favorite post, http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/03/28/mizuno-

    Because in the end i decided to give it a go and order these online and i have loved them since. This review really determined if they were worth it or not.

  5. i love this one http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/08/30/the-bes

    my 8 yr old son complained that his adidas F50 adizero are getting tighter everyday. we need to look for new cleats, when i showed him the article mentioned about he immediately agreed to buy Nike CTR360 Maestri III. Why? when he saw that a barcelona player was wearing those cleats. he had no doubts, he want one just like that. hehehhee

  6. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2011/06/11/adidas-
    This post convinced me fully. The in-depth review caused the purchase of my favorite pair of cleats by far.

  7. My favorite post has got to be your review of the predator lz: http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/05/14/adidas-
    It was really helpful and actually the reason why I bought the cleats

  8. My favorite article has to be the following: http://www.soccercleats101.com/2011/04/04/puma-v1

    I had always wanted adizeros for the incredible lightness, but then I came across this article. I read about how Bryan listed them as his preferred boot, so I thought, "If a former pro hailed these as excellent, they must be great boots." It was a stroke of brilliance really, fore I preceded to purchase a pair of the V1.10 Sl's for an excellent price of $55. Great feel on the ball and God-like swiftness. Didn't necessarily improve my game, but most definitely facilitated it.

  9. I liked this post: http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/08/27/best-so
    I like this post the most because it helped me choose which cleats would be best for me, being a striker and know you have to have good durability. In the end i bought the Adidas 11Pro and i am really enjoying the cleats! They are comfortable and most importantly are one of the best cleats for durablilty!!! THX

  10. This is my favorite post: http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/03/14/adidas-

    I enjoyed this post because I own a pair of the F30s and have noticed a lot of the positives and negatives of these boots. The main reason I bought them was because they were cheaper then the F50s and at the time I didn't need the top notch boots. But this review also helped me to see what kind of advantages there are to buying the more expensive boot over a more economical choice.

  11. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/05/11/adidas-

    this post helped me pick out my new predators!

  12. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/06/30/summer-

    The castle villa project is definately my favorite post. You where part of the 2006 squad at UCSB that won the NCAA Division 1 championship in a 2-1 win over UCLA, making it the Gaucho's first championship. You signed a contract with the New England Revolution. I've seen your highlight videos, you are a very talented player, why you didnt stay in the major league, idk? but its rgeat to hear that there are clubs wanting to sign your talent. For sometime now i've grown to be a big fan of youre site. You have been extremely helpfull in providing knowledge to some of the best and worst boots out there. If it weren't for you I probably would have had to go through every single boot just to find one that i could stick with. Look i'll be realistic I probably won't win and i'm ok with that, all I ask is that you keep this site running for as long as you can. thank you for devoting your time in keeping us educated and entertained with soccer, football, or as my grandfather would say Futbol. Take care Bryan.

  13. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2011/07/25/nike-ti

    I read this post and it eventually led me to buy the Legend 4. I loved the cleats and there wasnt any surprises I discovered because of the thorough review.

  14. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/08/03/mizuno-
    i loved this post they show the mizuno center and my lovely morelia neo i love this boots ever since i bought them and first seen them here at soccercleats101!:D

  15. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2011/04/13/adidas-

    Tgis review was my favorite bexause it showed me the f50s in a live aspect of how it would look like in real life. this is what convonced me to but my very first pair of ckeats that were over 150$. though i didnt know about the steals and deals tab, i some how got them for 250$ at soccer.com. they are real beauties and i still wear em today. though theyre all jacked up i still play in em and love it. so ueah im really thankful for this post cause it gave me a sure idea and strong motivation to buy the cleats. haha i named my cleats sam (sexy ass mofo). Bought them in 2011 🙂

  16. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/02/17/unique-
    I like this post the most since it helped me realize that you shouldn't buy any boots that look too good to be true because most likely they are fakes.

  17. My favorite post was the Adidas adiPower Predator SL review: http://www.soccercleats101.com/2011/10/13/adidas-

    I absolutely love these boots, and have actually tweeted you a picture of mine in the White colorway. The black/blue colorway looks absolutely futuristic. Perfect for under-the-lights games. You said it best when you talked about about how they'd fit perfectly for a movie like TRON.

  18. I liked this post the most: http://www.soccercleats101.com/2010/02/17/nike-re

    The reason is because its for a specific cause and also sponsored by a soccer player as well! I even bought the laces and actually have them on my Adidas Adipures. I am a classical lover of soccer boots and the fact that I use to have synthetic boots but switched back to kangaroo leather which I love! USA is my team and has been! My favorite player for the US team was Brian McBride because of his finishing skills!

  19. Hey Brian,
    I have been a fan of your sight for quite a while now and I've noticed that every one if your reviews, giveaways or even a link to a great deal you have always done your best to give your followers the best content and deals you can offer. I think that's really cool. Also I remember a little but ago you posted a 45% off deal on Nike Mercurial Vapors and it was a great opportunity to get some new,good quality affordable cleats and I only knew about that deal because of you and I'm really grateful for that opportunity. So I guess that was probably one of my favorite posts just because I'm sure it benefited more than just me.
    One of your many loyal followers,

  20. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/06/26/avoid-c

    This one is.my favorite because I almost ended up buying a pair cleats on eBay that happened to be counterfeit. They were a pair of vapor 7 in some weird but cool looking color combination. Thanks bringing this issue to light.

  21. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2010/12/28/nike-ct
    I like it because that was the first post I read and how I found out the best cleats reviews on the internet.
    I bought the CTR right after I read that post~ thanks for helping me to make that decision.

  22. This for sure was the post i enjoyed the most http://www.soccercleats101.com/2011/06/13/best-cl
    it was the post that said which was the best cleat for a position under attacking mid, i enjoyed this one the most for sure because I myself am an attacking mid and i was in search of a nice pair of cleats to use at that moment, i havent stopped using ctr's ever since then, for sure my boot of choice

  23. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/08/16/vapors-

    Thanks to this post I got some really cheap launch Vapor VIIIs.

  24. Bryan,

    With each post, Soccer Cleats 101 gets better and better.

    I like that on top of giving us in-depth knowledge on gear, you are helping us get it at a better price all the time:



  25. I like the cleats by position pages because you really made choosing cleats easyer for me. Its a shame that my cleats have ripped…

  26. My favorite post is the Nikr CTR360 Maestri III footbal boot review…i really enjoyed it..

  27. It may seem strange, but the item most beautiful and interesting of recent months, for me, is definitely the article about Ryal cleats.

    I am part of the world of football boots for a long time, but now I'm entering the world of their production, in terms of design. And the obligatory starting point is the ability to look and observe the current production, from the largest to the smallest company or shoe factory. And for an Italian like me, it's really nice to know that there are Italian companies (as Ryal) that can transform their reliability, quality and professionalism in strong points to show to the whole world!
    I enjoyed this visit the factory where they produce these shoes and is even more beautiful than a professional like you (speaking from far away) talk so well, highlighting the high quality of prod. It means that their work does, and well.

    Greetings from Italy, good job.

    (Sorry for my bad english)

  28. Congratulations on 1,000 posts!

    My favorite post was the best boot bracket. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/05/03/best-bo… I loved the whole series of boot bracket articles, and this helped me choose a pair of cleats! Thanks SoccerCleats101

  29. Ryan @fowlerism101


    I chosen this because of you description of the new sud configuration helped me decide weather or not I should purchase the vapors. They have been a great bout since

  30. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2011/04/23/best-cl… it has to ne this one because it gave me advice on what kind of cleat to get as i play that position for my team great suggestions btw i stucked with the maestris II

  31. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2009/10/05/leather

    I like this post because it's not just about buying new pair of cleats but how to take good care of the cleats one has taken so much time to choose. When most things are cheaper to replace than to repair, one begins to adopt throwaway habits that neglect care and maintenance. A well broken in pair of leather cleats are irreplaceable and thus proper care becomes of paramount importance.

  32. Congratulations on the 1000th post! I think my favorite post would have to be this: http://www.soccercleats101.com/2011/08/18/what-so… I found it very comical and unusually accurate. Between the two teams I am on, I can name a person wearing at least a similar cleat to those listed that fits each given profile perfectly. I am personally "The Beckham" and wear my pink Predator LZs! Thanks for 1000 helpful and fun posts and I look forward to thousands more!

  33. I loved the review of the lethal predator zone. You are awesome on the gear show too

  34. brendan wisniewski

    my favorite post was the cleats by postion because i was buying wrong cleats for my position.

  35. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2010/08/19/puma-v1-10-sl-review/

    without this review i wouldnt have bought two pairs of these. great review and helped with pumas weird sizing

  36. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/09/24/post-1000-the-perfect-excuse-for-a-giveaway/

    This is my favorite article and the reason being is that I love this site and I look forward to another 1,000 posts. I don’t come here just to get reviews and release dates but also because I really do enjoy reading your articles. Another favorite of mine is when you were documenting your time back playing in Ireland, I thought it was pretty inspiring.

  37. my favorite post was■ Adidas adiPure 11Pro in Bright Blue/Infrared Released because i really like that cleat and im planning on getting some

  38. Nike Tiempo Legend IV Review

    Because after reading the review that’s the boot I ended up buying (I like wide shoes with kangaroo leather and those are available via NikeID in wide sizes).

  39. Congrats Bryan
    I loved the amount of detail in the t90laser iv review http://www.soccercleats101.com/2011/10/03/nike-t90-laser-iv-review/

    When i read the review I realised that the t90 provided exactly what I needed in a soccer cleat. I didnt like the idea of a really light boot with little protection. So I tried out the ctr360 maestrii ii as well as the laser iv. But due to slightly wide feet the maestri felt too narrow for me but the laser fit really well and is very comfy. So I bought the laser iv and am satisfied by the decision.
    Keep up the good work!!

  40. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2010/11/14/mizuno-wave-ignite-review/

    Mizuno wave ignite review. After seeing these boots and reading the review for the first time on your website, I bought a pair of wave ignite II, they have been the best pair of boots I have EVER had, I have worn them twice a week every week sense december, now the studs are begining to wear away, and the insole has gone flat, but they are still as solid as the day I got them! Thanks for reviewing these first, If it wasn’t for SC101, I may have missed out on the best pair of boots in the world!

  41. My Favorite post would have to be when Andres Iniesta was named the UEFA Player of the Year. Its because hes an exceptional player and also wears the Nike CTR360. He is one of the best players in the world and it was about time he got an award for it.

  42. My favorite post was when you reviewed the reebok cleats that Ryan Giggs was wearing. This was my favorite because you gave them such a bad review, and I was laughing at your comments.

  43. My favourite post – http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/08/06/under-a

    I'm a fan of UA boots in general, but putting that aside, I love that video of Bryan getting blasted with the super soaker. Immature? Maybe, but it was amusing type of test to say the least.

  44. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/07/05/adidas-… I've had the same pair of Predator boots for around four years, and after returning from a tour in Afghanistan and playing in them in the states for the first time, my left boot blew put. This post helped me pick out a set of boots as their replacement, and I hope to make these Predators last as long as my last pair did.

  45. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/08/27/best-so

    This has to be my favorite post! I play soccer atleast 5 times a week and I am on 2 different team. I run through cleats like its my job, haha. So it was great to get some insight on the more durable cleats out there, and it was also refreshing to find out I didn't have to pay the top tier price to get what i needed. All in all this site has helped me greatly with the purchase of my past boots. I love that you don't stick to your well known boots and venture off to other lesser known brands. This site is number one onmy bookmarks and I dont see it leaving that position anytime soon. Thanks for the great site!!!!

  46. my favorite post was the review of the Nike Mercurial Vapor 8. finally a website that described the cleat inside and out, and later when you posted the sale on nike with the coupon code i was able to finally get a pair thank to you. Congrats on the 1k post, you deserve it

  47. This is one of my favorite posts http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/09/03/the-cur

    I think that this is one of my favorite articles on this whole website. While reading it, i thought that it was really interesting how you asked about if players should or shouldn't be able to wear old cleats. It really makes you wonder what they would wear and i think that it'd be awesome to see that!

  48. This is my favorite http://www.soccercleats101.com/2011/01/14/nike-ctr360-ii-maestri-for-65/
    This is how I got my ctr360 maestri ii at such a low price. And more importantly, it is the best cleats I have ever got!

  49. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2011/05/25/nike-vapor-vii-review/

    The Nike Mercurial Vapor VII review is my favorite post because it helped me decide on the purchase of my first pair of high grade boots. I use these for colllege and can’t picture myself in a different pair of boots (well, maybe the Vapor VIII). The unbiased, tell-it-like-it-is review made this decision incredibly easy for me and it was the best money I’ve ever invested in a pair of boots! Thanks Bryan!

  50. This is my favorite review: http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/07/19/pele-trinity-3e-k-review/. It seemed really balanced, and your replies answered a lot of questions I had about the shoe. Also, since you’re in LA, it must be rare that you test a shoe in wet conditions.

  51. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2011/04/23/best-cl

    This was one of the most helpful posts on the site for me not because I explicitly followed Bryan’s recommendations, but because he got me thinking about the characteristics of the best cleats for me as a fullback/defensive midfielder. I ultimately ended up with the Nike Legends, which were not one of Bryan’s recommendations, but were based largely on the characteristics that Bryan pointed out for a fullback. Because of Bryan’s post, recommendations and description of the boots that some professionals wore, I was able to pick a pair of boots that offered the right combination of traction, protection and touch in a package that didn’t weigh too much for me to keep pace with the wingers in F50s and Vapors.

  52. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2011/10/13/adidas-

    I loved this review. Many people don't understand the predator sl. They think that they have no power behind the shot. When I got them they really helped my game as an outside mid. It made me fast an light on my feet but when I would get the ball I could still shoot from a good distance away. They also have an amazing touch. This article helped explain to me the advantages of this over adipowers. It really explained to me how your shoes can be light and still have a great shot and touch. I loved these cleats and cherished them until the moment they broke. Thanks for the article and explaining how they are a good shoe for outside mids.

  53. This is the post that I liked the best: http://www.soccercleats101.com/2009/05/13/recommended-solution-for-heel-injuries/

    This is one of the reasons SOCCER CLEATS 101 is my go to website. Not only does it provide us with useful information about boots, but it also gives us a great deal of info on how to prevent injuries, how to treat injuries, reviews about medicinal products, etc.

    Thanks to this post and SC101, I’ve been able to solve a problem that would have kept me out of the beautiful game.

  54. This was my favorite post, http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/03/09/cleats-by-position-the-utility-player/
    I liked this post because it gave me advice on what cleat to pick out.

  55. I enjoyed your series on boots by position because it was interesting to see what a pro looks for in their boots when they play a certain position.

    http://www.soccercleats101.com/2011/03/27/best-cleats-by-position-center-forwards/ (picked forward because that’s my position.)

  56. My favorite article was Adidas adiPURE III Review. This was the first pair of professional boots I bought and also the first time I started researching soccer cleats. I found your website and took your advice.
    So the first pair of profesional cleats were black and yellow Adipure III’s and I loved them! I’ve been following you ever since that post and it’s been incredible to see this website grow in popularity. Thanks for everything!

  57. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2009/12/16/adidas-

    – My favorite article was Adidas adiPURE III Review. This was the first pair of professional boots I bought and also the first time I started researching soccer cleats. I found your website and took your advice.

    So the first pair of profesional cleats were black and yellow Adipure III's and I loved them! I've been following you ever since that post and it's been incredible to see this website grow in popularity. Thanks for everything!

  58. This post would be my favorite: http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/05/13/110-compression-ice-gear-review/

    Because I’ve recently started doing cross fit, I’ve been looking for ways to decrease my recovery time. The combination of regular soccer and cross fit was taking its toll on my legs; they were constantly sore all over. I found some 110% gear on soccer.com that looked interesting, but wanted to read some reviews before I dropped that much money on any of it.

    Even though have become a regular reader of this site, it didn’t cross my mind that you may have done a review. But after doing a Google search, I found your link above. Your review helped make the sale, as it were, and my new compression gear and ice packs should be here any day now. Keep up the good work!

  59. My favorite post was http://www.soccercleats101.com/2011/01/15/adidas-

    I have played in Copas my entire life and finally decided to try out a newer boot but still wanted to stick with K-leather. This review convinced me to give something new a try and I have been thrilled with my Adipure IVs.

    Thanks Bryan! Keep up the great work.

  60. The post I liked the most was the Nike CTR360 Maestri III review. This is because the minutue the boot was revealed I had been on my toes waiting for a review to see if there as good as they sound. If your review was good I was going to start saving up. You review described the boots as a very good boot. My favorite part of the CTRs is the new Kanga Kite 2 which you described in detail. Thanks.

  61. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2011/08/02/nike-ti

    best post on the site, because these are the best cleats out there by a mile and a half.

  62. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/05/05/the-gea

    This is my favorite post because it helped me understand more about the powercat 1.12 and ultimately helped me decide whether I wanted to buy it or not.. I ended up deciding against it and staying loyal to my tiempos but thank you SC101!

  63. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2011/01/14/nike-ct

    I like this article because it is just one example of all of the awesome deals that Bryan keeps us up to date with. I have never had to pay full price for a pair of cleats as a result of reading this site.

  64. Favorite post = http://www.soccercleats101.com/2011/10/07/nike-ct

    My 11yr old son fell in love with the color scheme and asked very nicely for a pair (including doing a number of un-asked for chores around the house) … he's currently playing in a pair and has 2 goals and 2 assists in 5 games.

  65. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2011/11/13/puma-powercat-1-12-in-white-released/

    My favorite post because I was looking for a new pair of boots and loved the whiteout pair that Joey Barton was wearing last year. When I read that they were going to be released here, I bought them as soon as they came up for sale! Love the boots (other than the tight heel counter when new)! I ended up buying .5 size up because of my wide foot/high instep and they still fit with .25″ of room in the toes.

    Thanks, Byran!

  66. Its hard to choose a stand out post as they are all so equally entertaining and a great read! But if I must choose a favorite, it would have to be: http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/07/23/preseas

    your tips for picking new boots was extremely helpful and I will continue to use those tips for seasons coming!


  67. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/08/27/best-so
    I like this article because it helps me on finding a durable boot so I don't have to buy many of them in short period

  68. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/03/16/wegotso

    I really enjoy all your post, but the one that I personally liked most was the wegotsoccer-st-paddys-day-deal of an extra 30% off of already boots on sale. I ended up getting the Adidas Adipower SL in running and my brother also got a pair but in the warning/phantom color way. I've loved the boots ever since I got them and soon I'll be looking for another pair of boots so I'll be checking out the deals and steals section of soccercleats101.

  69. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2010/06/06/adidas-

    This article got me interested in cleats, now I am the go to guy if people have questions about anything related with soccer cleats on my team. Thanks Bryan for keeping me consistently in the know with the best unbiased specs of each cleat. YOU ROCK!!!

  70. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/09/24/post-10

    This is my favorite post because no one has giveaways like this!

  71. I'm a huge fan of the Cleats by Position series. Which was summarized in this post: http://www.soccercleats101.com/2011/11/10/cleats-

    I am naturally a goalkeeper, but have recently transitioned to a defensive mid/centre. At the time this series was being released, I was in the market for new boots. This was instrumental in narrowing down, and ultimately selecting my new pair.

  72. Fave post: http://www.soccercleats101.com/2011/03/27/best-cl
    love the flair and style that most cleats geared towards forwards. also I own a pair of cleats from the list so that adds a little bit extra.

  73. Stupid me, I jumped on the original release NIKE Vapors that were dumped on the market when the Vapor II was release. The dirty little secret was the the Vapor had a design flaw could cause ruptured bursa. In my case, 3 of 4 heel bursa ruptured.. The damage caused a calcium deposit to eventually form under the right achilles tendon, ultimately forcing me to decide between 1) having the achilles cut and the deposit removed, or 2) retire from soccer. I am 56 and have played since I was 7. Your review of the AG sole plate convinced me to give it a try, and I am back to playing healthy- with much less pain than before. No surgery. Thank you for reviews like these.

  74. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2011/11/06/sc101-c
    Gotta be this post, the video is great and really motivates me. What your team did back in 2006, what you did as well really shows how college soccer could bring you up into greater things, in your case making it into a pro and reviewing soccer cleats! couldn't think of anything better to do in life. Haha. Very inspirational Bryan, cheers.

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    I chose this post as my favorite for a couple of reasons. The first was the colorway you wore! I know you were really skeptical about wearing that color but you bit the bullet for us and did it any way. Also ever since you wrote that review, I have been an avid Pirma wearer since then. After you wrote the review my dad and I went to soccer .com and ordered a pair of Pirma Monaco III's in the White/Black/ Green colorway. Your review allowed me to get a boot in my price range that offered very good performance. Since that review I have had four pairs of Pirmas that have all lasted me and are incredible condition, considering the amount of use I put into them. Thank you for biting that bullet and reviewing a brand that I can afford. It really helped. I would like you to review some more PIrma boots in the future as well. Win or lose I will keep coming back to you site. I love it and have been following you since day one. God Bless!

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    Nike CTR360 Trequartista Review from July 2010. I love reading the boot reviews and reading about the latest advances, but I’m a late 30s guy whose soccer career is now spent coaching youth and playing one night a week. So when I was in the market for a new pair of cleats I wanted something that was a good cleat but not a budget breaker (Not all of us can buy $200 cleats) but I also know you have to wear solid footwear so the low end cleats were out. I read your review on the Trequartistas and they sounded like a really good mid priced cleat so I ordered me a pair. They were just as you reviewed them and I love them,but they are getting a little old so its a perfect time for your contest! I’m hoping you hook me up with a pair of its “older brother” The US gear to with is a real bonus, this summer I went to the Brazil v. US friendly in DC and the atmosphere for that was great and it made me put a WC qualifier on my to do list!

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    Thanks for all the amazing updates and videos and I hope that you can stay at it for years to come!


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    The above quote from the post attracted me to using the site as a resource. People are also encouraged to share their opinions in the comments section, promoting a community that is respectful, especially when compared to some other site's comments sections. Integrity is a common thread running through a thousand posts…congratulations.

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    ManUnited forever<3

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    P.S. the winner was Adidas Predator LZ for more protection and control.

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    I liked this article because it was a way that actually worked to clean the new vapors. I have a pair of the white/blue ones and while they may not look sparkling white like they did when new after cleaning they looked much, much better.

  158. FAVORITE POST: http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/09/21/nike-va

    This has to be my favorite post. Mainly because these were the vapors i really wanted to buy for my friend, but i wasn't sure if they were going to come out in time. This post really helped me out and so do all the other "new release" post. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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    this post was awesomeeee, just like you guys! i had some old predators and once i saw this post i knew it was time to update. But i still need to save up for them…. but yeah this website is great for keep people in touch with the newest cleats on the market! #likeaboss

  160. The review for the CTR360 Trequartista ii's was my favorite, because it helped me find a value-oriented takedown-model boot that didn't compromise too much for the price reduction.

  161. I'm almost positive i have read every post and every status/tweet, and my favorite would have to be every post that you aimed to save us money, which would be coupons and giveaways, etc. I think almost everyone here appreciates your website including myself. Happy thousandth post Bryan!

  162. This one really helped me http://www.soccercleats101.com/2011/08/18/what-so… because I could never really decide on the boot I should wear until I saw the beckham in the article and though it fit me perfectly so I choose the adi power predators as my boot for the season.

  163. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/01/23/wss-yea
    I got my T90 Laser IV from this post. As a person from Vietnam, my mother gladly let me buy this pair since it was the Lunar New Year, because normally even though all of my6 pairs of cleats are top class, I don't buy them for more than $100. This was my first above-$100 purchase, and the cleats turned out to be my number one choice for a game. With the "Adaptive Shield" component, I get to achieve Juninho-like shots, powerful and unpredictable ball direction. Cheers from Vietnam!

  164. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/09/16/cleatol

    This article of yours about the Predator Absolute was probably my favorite post. Back in 2006, the Absolute were the best boots at the time. I liked the design and pretty much all the colorways, and I can still remember the special editions worn by Beckham (burgundy) and Zidane (gold). Those were some very classy boots!

    Unfortunately I was so young and did not have the money at the time so that I could not snatch my self a pair…sigh…. I really miss that summer and the World Cup though.

  165. this one http://www.soccercleats101.com/2008/12/20/nike-me
    just cause they're my favourite boots of all time

  166. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2010/04/12/umbro-s
    The first soccercleats101 post I have ever read and it helped me decide to get into umbro cleats. Because of you I have fallen in love with umbro, absolutely awesome cleats and thank you so much for giving me the motivation to try them. Keep it up Bryan!

  167. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2010/12/28/nike-ct

    I have been an avid fan of the Maestri line since it's release, and in my personal experience, the second generation was my favorite. Loved this review! A close second was the release of Cleatology.

  168. I don't know which one to pick because some of then are actually pretty good. Anyway can't I get those cleats ? And I would LOVE TO HAVE THAT USA SHIRT!!! it looks so original. In my opinion that is the best soccer shirt ever!!!

  169. My favorite is http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/05/14/adidas-

    The reason is it gave a lot of description and was very helpful and convinced me enough to buy a pair which came out awesome!!

  170. I like this post the most :http://www.soccercleats101.com/reviewscores/mizuno-to-usa/
    Because Mizuno cleats are amazing and beautiful, i thought that we could get them to the usa, but then again the market here for football is low, so maybe one day it'll happen 😀

  171. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2011/07/25/nike-ti

    I could write a very long post about this review but I'm too lazy. I read it, it helped me choose which cleats to buy and now I'm a happy man because of it.

    Thanks for the great review.

  172. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/05/21/compari

    ^This post is by far the best especially considering that I was once a member of "Addidas game" but now I am an Avid "Nike game" kind of guy. When the F50i tunits came out I bought them because I heard they were the lightest thing out. After then I hadnt bought a light boot. I am a slender player and speed is what defines my game play. I heard about the Vapors and immediately changed from "Addidas game" to "Nike game". I had to save up a couple of paychecks during the summer but I got the Mango vapors and ive never EVER looked back…. So ill end with, "VAPOR GAME OR DIE!"

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    This is my favorite post because this was the first post i had ever seen on soccercleats101.com. When my friend showed the review to me, I fell in love with the website, but more importantly soccer cleats. I remember these cleats because they were the first review i read on here because i told my friend i was thinking about buying these, and i then bought them a few weeks after reading the review. Once i saw all the reviews you have on this website, i started reading them all and fell in love with soccer cleats. My parents still don't understand why i love soccer cleats so much, and why i spend all my birthday money on them, but this website and these cleats were the beginning. This is my favorite post because it is the post that got me interested in soccer cleats ever since i had seen it.

  174. I love the predator Lz champions league post. The shoe is beautiful and you guy display it so well

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    This is by far my favorite post because it really is what got me starting with the pele cleats, which i fell in love with.

  176. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/07/13/pele-tr

    This is by far my favorite post because it really is what got me starting with the pele cleats, which i fell in love with.

  177. Mine would probably be the urban treadmill one I was thinking about it and thought that the would be really cool for players to practice on

  178. I like the post when you told us about the 65 dollar prom or the pumas ^__^

  179. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2010/12/28/nike-ct
    This post is my favorite because it introduced me to SC101! It was December 28, 2010 and I needed new cleats for school soccer that started January 5. I am a winger/striker/midfielder so I knew I needed a "control" boot. I found out about the Nike CTR360 Maestri II Elite. While looking at reviews of the cleat I found this site. I immediately bookmarked it after reading the review, while also bookmarking the review itself. I went back and read every single post from the archives. From then on, I checked this site two to three time a day. Eventually, I found the SC101 blog! That was also bookmarked, and checked two or three times a day. Then, I saw the post about the Maestri III; I screamed so loud my family thought I had died! I immediately knew I wanted, no needed these cleats! I'm a huge fan of U.S. Soccer and Barcelona, so this would be the perfect giveaway for me, especially since I found out that Iniestia wears these! Being realistic though, I know I will most likely not win. I've spent a day trying to write this post, but main reason for writing this is to say THANK YOU!!! The giveaway would be great, but reading this site every day is even better! You must spend a lot of time reviewing and writing about cleats, and you give us great deals! Also, i am the the "guru" on cleats for my friends, thanks to you! I hope this website lasts for thousands more posts, because it is my favorite website!

  180. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/04/09/nike-ct… this article on the release of the new CTR 360 color way made me decide on what cleat I was going to be using after the predators. I believe all these articles on all different type of shoes really help people decide and give them the smallest details that do make a bit of a difference in your style of play.

  181. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2011/06/16/nike5-e
    im not sure if this counts as a post but i like this one because if i hadnt read this amazing review then i would've never bought any indoor shoes, these are my first pair of indoors all of my other one's have been cleats/boots so i thank you for helping me get my first pair of indoors

  182. I like this post the most because it not only shows us the best products out but it also does advertising by giving us (the public) a chance to win the products that are new and that many people cannot afford. I appreciate this and thank you soccer 101!!!!

  183. The name of the article or post is "cleats by position ; players utility" because it help alot when i went to buy new cleats

  184. My favorite was the article about the Mizuno Wave Ignite. They marked the beginning of Mizuno breaking into the US market. Mizuno has been a favorite company of mine for a long time and was so excited to have access to their boots.

  185. My favorite post out of all 1,000: http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/04/16/new-us-

    I chose this one because it lets me know more about my favorite national team's new jersey. Everyone think about cleats and odont get me wrong but the jersey's show who you are playing for and who your representing.

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    i like this post because i was cracking up when i saw this too bad for rooney is chicharos turn now he should switch to adidas also i liked this because i own adidas as well as nike so that just makes me go more towards adidas

  187. I liked this post http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/04/16/nike-va… the most because I liked those cleats and I wanted to get them when they came out. Just kidding, I just picked a random one because I want to win the giveaway!

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  189. I mean I like this one the best!!!

  190. My favorite post was http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/09/19/nike-ct… because even though i didn't get to win them i was convinced to go check them out and i ended up buying myself a pair! They are perfect and i couldn't be happier with my choice. If it weren't for you guys i wouldn't have considered them! thanks

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    This was by far my favorite post. Nike has always produced top of the line boots in very different styles. These boots blew my mind because it shows how versatile nike is. They have so many high end boots that are worn all over the globe but yet they are still able to come up with something completely different that taylors another type of style of play. No matter what it is you like to do on the field nike has come out with a boot to better suit your style. it amazes me how broad of spectrum of boots nike has come out with. Would never wear anything different.

  192. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/08/30/the-bes
    this post because i am a real madrid fan but i can also admit iniesta's skill is unreal, and ctr's are the best boots in the world

  193. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/05/21/compari

    Comparing the mercurial 8 and Adidas predator Liz. Because I was buying new cleats at the time and this article helped me choose. Nike mercurial 8.

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    This post helped me out a lot with sizing. I have narrow and small feet so fit feels great on my feet!

  195. This was the post that showed the Black/White/Challenge Red CTR360s for the first time (at least to me). Awesome! Was so excited that day. My favorite colorway for CTR360 thus far. Sad when my son outgrew his pair. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2011/06/23/latest-

  196. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/08/27/rooney-
    I know it was the first thing I thought of when I saw the injury.
    Could happen with a lot of the new boots but some of those sharp blades do look dangerous

  197. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/05/11/adidas-
    This was by far the most helpful post for me, I've always loved predators and I was unsure about getting the new ones, but after reading this post I was convinced on staying with the boot. Although, all your posts are great and helpful! Thanks guys.

  198. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2011/03/02/nike5-l… i like this post the most because as a kid i liked to play soccer anytime anywhere. now you can play in real grass or artificial grass that's were all the magic begins and you start developing new skills , i still remembers as a kid when i won my first championship.

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    I liked this post the best because it was the first post that i saw on your website! Ever since then, I've fallen in love with soccer cleats and check your website daily!

  201. I have been a huge Nike fan an have noticed since World Cup 2010 that they tend to come out with a similar theme for all their cleats. The post on

    was the first to do a review on the new Nike Clash series. This shows that soccercleats is always up to date on the latest developments. Bravo!.

  202. "Nike CTR360 Maestri II in Black/Total Orange Released " is my most favorite post for soccercleats101. because i love those cleats. and i love ctr360 boots.they look good and confortable. i had a pair of ctr360 trequartista, but never had a maestri. but this colorway looks really good. i was really happy when it released!!!i was in lovee!!! unfortunate i can't buy it cuz its way out of my current budget .(i am high school btw ) and my parents won't buy me the shoes because, they are against me playing soccer but i never give up. winning these contest would mean a lot to me. thanks for the opportunity soccercleats101 !!!!!

  203. The vapor viii review because i was struggling whether or not i should get it and this post really helped me to make my decision 🙂

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    I enjoy reading every review that is posted on the site. I especially enjoyed the review about the Adipowers because I was hearing so many great things about them. I usually check soccercleats101 as my deciding point because it's a very detailed and honest review unlike others. I have refer Soccercleats101 to all my soccer friends who need boot info and they tell me the same about it being very helpful toward their purchase. Adipowers are sick but the durability is pretty short for these. I'm on my second pair (after sending them in) and I love them.

  205. Loved the one about the treadmill for dribbling. Such a fantastic idea, made me want one for myself!

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  207. i like this one the most : http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1015212766… I like it because it shows the Manchester City vs. Arsenal game when all 5 players are battling for the ball and it shows that the game of soccer is not an easy sport like some people think. You always have to compete to win no matter what.

  208. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2010/11/14/mizuno-

    My favorite post so far was the Mizuno Wave Ignite review. It was the first (and only) giveaway I won, and I still remember how cool it was to see my response picked as the most clever one!

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    It really enjoyed the breakdown of the boot and how it could have caused the injury. Also then we go into the health science of the injury from the article pulled from Telegraph. Its amazing how a boot could cause so much injury

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    I like this one the most for the fact that I didn't have to read much and everything was explained in the video……………………oh yeah also because it is a giveaway of the most awesome cleats ever.

  211. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2011/08/23/nike-ct
    this post right hear helped me get ma first pair of good cleats
    wen i started become more serious in soccer, i had no idea wear to start
    i didnt pay much attention to the cleats, all i had were sambas or the indoor tiempos
    when i found thiss site, i read anything i could learn of soccer cleats, when i saw this post i was inlove with the cleats n the review u made here helped me make my choice for ma first boot n i felt they wer fantastic for the way i played, now wenever i make a choice on a boot i make sure it has a good review on this sitte, noww i have bought many inddoors n a some cleats n im always confident on the boot i buy 🙂

  212. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/04/09/nike-ct… was my favorite post because i love those shoes. when i first saw them when it released i wanted to get them, but i couldnt because my parents are against me playing soccer. and i get a little money from where i work. but i never bought cleats over 90 dollars. but i love ctr360s. it would mean a lot to me if i win this contest.

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    I loved this post because for the longest time I wanted the new pair of the Adidas adizero prime. I had owned the first generation Adidas adizero, and I absolutely loved them. In fact, another post on this page helped me decide to get them! However, when I saw the Adizero prime, I knew I had to have them. When I saw the deal posted on soccercleats101.com, I had to jump at the chance to order them. I called my stepmother and had her buy them early so that she could save money once Christmas rolled along because I requested these as my Christmas gift, unsure if I would receive them as they were so expensive. Lo and behold, on Christmas morning I found the always-distinguishable adidas box waiting for me and I couldn't have been happier. They have so far been my favorite pair of boots that I have owned, and I do not see myself getting another pair anytime soon. That is unless, of course, another soccercleats101.com post entices me! Thanks again, Brian, and thank you, soccercleats101.com!

  214. I liked this post http://www.soccercleats101.com/2009/01/26/why-cle
    This posted encouraged me, and scared me into cleaning my cleats. I have been cleaning them ever since I read this post, and my cleats have actually last about two times longer!

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    …because it helped me decide whether or not I was going to get these cleats. I did end up getting them.

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    Hey im angie :))))) this post i liked. and i really like predators and it went into good depth about them. my boyfriend got me into these cleats and so did you guys!

  217. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2010/04/12/umbro-s

    I liked this post the best for two reasons. One, it was the one that convinced me to buy my first pair of professional/top of the line soccer cleats. I still have them and in them I got a starting spot on my varsity team.

    And two, my dad caught me looking at these and he was like "Hey I used to wear those and Nike's all the time" I've been wearing Umbro's only, but I guess Nike would keep up my dad's tradition.

  218. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/08/05/nike-ti… honestly i liked this post best because it made me buy that pair of cleats and i absolutely love them

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    my favorite post was the one about the ctr260 cause since they came out i had always wanted to get them but for economics reasons never could.
    i love soccer and i play it every day. if i explain why i like this post i really dont know how to put it in words but one thing i know im in love with those cleats. i just hope i can get them.

  220. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/09/20/nike-me
    My favorite post by far would have to be this one for the Nike Mercurial Miracle iii. This is because this post i could easily say saved my life. Now i had an upcoming tournament in two days and i was out scrimmaging with locals when in a hard tackle i went in only to come out with one cleat torn completely from one side. Now i was devastated how could i break in new cleats in one day. So that night i went online and i stumbled upon this post and it described the cleats so beautifully and when it said "Miracle III provides a comfortable feel right out of the box with pretty much no complication." I was decided these were my new cleats so next day I went out and got a pair and sure enough they were perfect on game day it felt like id had them forever like a part of me. I played the greatest tournament of my life that weekend not to mention people constantly complimenting my cleats and in the end they were already very dirty from the grass stains to dirt and i was satisfied to see they really are"are built to be put into action" and that's how Soccercleats101 saved my life. 😀

  221. This was my favorite http://www.soccercleats101.com/2008/10/20/149/ because I love seeing the variety of colors of cleats! And I finally figured out what they symbolized! The comments and descriptions were beautifully done! It has greatly helped me decide which color of cleat to get.

  222. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/08/06/under-a

    This was my favorite post because I was very skeptical of anything Under Armour, but it persuaded me to buy them. And I've been the happiest with them than any other cleats!

  223. I dont think i have a favorite post since i like all of them for the simple reason that all post have something interesting to say. This website is the one that got me addictive to know everything there's gotta know about cleats and reading about cleats became my hobby. Thanks bryan for an awesome website

  224. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/08/11/nike-gs-where-to-buy-a-pair/
    This has been my all time favorite post because i have never seen such a fine cleat ever! though i did not try them out personally, the reviews and specifications of the boot are just amazing.
    Thank you soccercleats101 for all the info an basically all the best cleats ever and news every day!
    Thank You!!!!!

  225. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2009/12/17/nike-me… I LOVE THESE SHOES. These were one of the best cleats that I had. I love the color way and the fit off them. When I had these I took such good care of them and only wore them for my BIG GAMES. If I could I would buy multiple pairs so that I could wear them for the my life. Nike should bring back these cleats.

  226. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2010/10/30/picture-of-the-weekend-f50-adizero/

    This post is how I discovered SoccerCleats101. I was searching for information because I did not know that Nani had switched to Adidas yet. Ever since then, SoccerCleats101 has been in my favorites, and I love checking back on the reviews of cleats. They have helped me choose between cleats often, including the Zhero Gravity’s and the Tiempo Legend III Elites. I love the sight and have been a huge fan for several years now!

    Although I do need to add that the article disappoints me as I am a Nike fan and it was hard to see Nani switch away.

  227. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2011/05/25/nike-va
    I liked this post well because i love nike for one its my favorite brand. I would love to say the way these shoes are designed make it so easy for me to run with/without the ball. Ive always enjoyed Mercurial but when they made these i had to get. You guys helped me get a great pair of cleats with your great review and like you said there are no negatives with these except the color and i thank you Sc101!

  228. My personal favorite was the post about the puma powercat 1.12 in bumblebee.Beiing from pittsburgh and the steelers those are my favorite colors.Since it had a great review i just had to get the awesome cleats and they do everything the review says and there amazing.Loved the help and please pick me for the grand prize.

  229. I liked the first Adidas adizero review because that was the first pair of “top tier” boots I have ever owned.

  230. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/07/19/pele-trinity-3e-k-review/

    I like this review because it really shows just how unbiased you are with your reviewing. Regardless of the brand, you will review it with an open mind. You were also able to answer the one question anyone would have concerning the interesting stud pattern. I personally have questioned lesser known brands, but hearing your honest reviews have made me reconsider. This reminds me of a quote “it’s not the size of the wave, but the motion in the ocean”.lol

  231. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2011/06/11/adidas-adipower-predator-review/

    I like the post above because it was a great review of the adipower boots. This review made me jump back to the predator line and have easily been some of the best cleats I’ve worn if not the best. I also scored around 16 goals in a season with them. They improved my all around game and were super comfortable to wear. One of my favorites and always will be. Great all around.

  232. Loved the one about the treadmill for dribbling. Such a fantastic idea, made me want one for myself!

  233. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2011/06/11/adidas-adipower-predator-review/

    This was my favorite review. It helped me in deciding to choose these as the last pair of cleats that I got. The way that you reviewed them and all the other cleats by breaking them down into sections not only helped me but also many other people. I love the influence that you helped put into my choice of cleats and i can say ive read every review that has been made so that i can choose what cleats to go for in my position and the best bang for my buck. I appreciate all the work that you do for all us players in helping us understand what cleats can suit us best. Much love bro Thank you!!

  234. What cleats should I get ? Always the question when your old cleats are worn out or ripped from playing the best sport,soccer, this page and some posts of pictures of nikes and adidas cleats help me out a lot to choose my soccer cleats.If it werent for this page I wouldnt have the blue and white nike mercurial 8.

  235. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/09/24/post-1000-the-perfect-excuse-for-a-giveaway/ This, well the US soccer box would make my exchange year complete. To get a US national team soccer jersey would be so awesome. And the Maestris are pretty sweet.

  236. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/08/14/up-close-and-personal-with-the-nike-gs-green-speed/

    Since I first saw the green monsters, I’ve wanted a pair, haha. These may be the absolute sexiest design I’ve seen in a pair of boots – and they were only brought to my attention by the Soccer Cleats 101 Facebook page.
    From the specs, being a super light-weight and flexible boot, to the box, a radical new design that made me want a pair even more – this boot is king.

  237. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/08/05/nike-tiempo-legend-iv-in-blackchallenge-red-released/

    loved this post because I was in deep thought of purchasing these cleats, and your review absolutely led me to buying it. Currently, I am enjoying the shoe much!

  238. I have a few favorites, but I’ll go with this one: http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/06/15/past-legends-what-would-they-be-wearing-today/ . I’ve spent quite a bit of time thinking about what cleats would fit my friends or teammates, so it was fun to see you thinking like that.

    I also really liked the post showing the average weights of different brands’ cleats, as well as the post showing your visit to some kind of soccer equipment showcase/convention (can’t find that one on the site now but I swear it was there once).

  239. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/08/20/nike-ctr360-maestri-iii-review/
    by far the best shoe i have never had. it looks awesome. this shoe fits perfect for the type of player that aim. im a huge fan of the maestri collection. i like the feeling of contact i have with the ball with the old pair of maestris i have. i could really use a new pair. how sweet would it be to win these.

  240. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2008/10/23/puma-king-xl-40th-anniversary-edition/

    Easily my favorite post becasue those are the best cleats ever made. Ive had them since they were released and there still in magical condition. Beauty of a touch as well. Puma Kings never dissapoint.

  241. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/09/19/asics-l
    I loved the article about the soccer training treadmill, I found it very funny and very interesting, it made me want one just so I could test one out

  242. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/08/20/nike-ct
    My favorite post why? It’s not just a new boot, it’s new technology. It’s amazing how classic leather shoes have changed over time. The CTR 360 perfect example and this post really breaks it down. Unlike Tiempos that keep class the CTRs have been the Brain where most of Nikes inovations have been tested(Personal Opinion). It has definitely shown control. Having Iniesta wear them is the icing on the cake. With that said Usa to the Hex!

  243. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/09/19/nike-ctr360-maestri-iii-giveaway/

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    The Best Cleats by Position: Wingers helped me a dear lot because I am a winger myself! I have learned which boot has been best matched for my style of play, and I’ll have to give it up I’ve bought all three styles adizero, mercurial, and lastly adidas predator.

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    The review is very well done, and I could easily connect with Bryan since we are both wingers. This review ultimately led to my decision to purchase the LZs myself, and I gotta say I really love them!

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    When I actually saw Rooney’s quad while watching the game, I was in shock! I hated Rodellaga! How could he do that? That is bs and it should’ve been a RED! But since it was a “mistake” ref didn’t call it. When I saw this article, I got better sense of why not to wear sg cleats for high school games. (some school doesn’t allow it) Thank you sc101 for this great article!

  255. “Nike Mercurial Vapor 8 Review” was definately my favorite post of them all. Yes they have been other legendary mercurial reviews, but they way you vividly described the suede finish of the upper, and the way you described the vapor’s sole plate, swayed me, a long time Vapor wearer, to stay loyal to mercurial. and sure enough, come may, i tried on a pair of mango vapors, and they felt and fit just like Bryan Byrne described. So the depthness of the review also was amazing, because it went into detail to describe the weight, as usual, as well as the innovation of the 2 stud design and new suede tejin microfiber upper. Overall Soccercleats101 described the Nike MV8 as a soft, innovative boot that was worth its money, and I cant stress how right you were. I currently own the Mango MV8, Euro 2012 Clash MV8, and a custom pair of Black/ White NikeId MV8’s. I don’t know what i would do without this website since frankly I come here everytime i open up chrome or internet explorer. Keep up the good work and i really hope to see a 2,000th post in the near future

  256. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2010/04/02/nike-total-90-laser-iii-neptune-bluevibrant/

    This post is my favorite because I did a review for Cleatology on the lower tier version of these boots, and I really like the colorway! The yellow really stands out on the field, and they were great for hitting the ball.

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    Enjoyed this post because I have worn Copa’s for years and loved them. This article convinced me to try the AdiPure’s because it’s basically the same shoe but more modern. We’ll see how I like them, but I’m encouraged by the reviews on here.

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    When I actually saw Rodallega cutting Rooney's quad, I thought it wasn't bad. However, when i saw Rooney limping and a camera closing up on Rooney's quad, I was mad! I couldn't believe it! I was mad that I was shouting out "names". However, when this article popped up, I got better understanding of sg cleats. Also learned why some high school refs. don't let us use sg cleats. This sg cleats are weapons, not a cleats.

  259. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/07/13/puma-evospeed-1-review/
    Okay i’ll keep mine short and simple, that way it can save you some time to read the other comments. So far, this review of the Puma Evospeed 1 caught my attention. I liked it because it was built for speed and Puma cleats are pretty comfortable inside. Also it came in Leather & Synthetic. I prefer Leather because its smooth and breaking in the cleats doesn’t take much. I was planning to buy one, but couldn’t afford it at the moment. And by the way, I love this website and i always refer to it whenever i need a new pair of cleats or whenever there are new release. Hey Bryan, post up some more videos and maybe some shooting test?

  260. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/06/15/past-legends-what-would-they-be-wearing-today/

    I liked or enjoyed this post the most, seeing as the changes in boots have been amazing since then. I like how you paired the player to a boot for his actual style of play instead of just his position. Great insights into the pros themselves, great article. The article itself helped me choose a boot from Eric Cantonas style of play which matches mine.

    Great site and great experience.

    Stephen Osgood

  261. I was thinking about getting the vapors but thanks to this I decided to stick with the predators. Thanks you so much it helped clear my doubt!

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    Loved this article, so helpful in helping me to choose in what cleat I need. Surprisingly, I may be a keeper, but CTR’s are the best cleat I’ve ever tried. Great control, passing, and my kicks have never been better. Never thought I would try them out until I read this review.

  263. My favorite post was by far this one: http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/08/20/nike-ct

    I appreciated this post the most because this post helped me learn more about this new shoe and after learning many things about this shoe it was able to help me buy my next pair of cleats (which by far) are one of my favorite shoes.

  264. I loved the Lionel Messi Personalized “Copa Del Rey” F50 adiZero because I love the colorway and the player. I am very short as a 14 year old player and i love to watch how messi works on and off the ball.

  265. I thought the post about the Umbro Stealth was both very interesting and comical. I am a huge Umbro cleat fan and it was nice to see a review for the stealth. I love getting my information from this site.

    Thank you for all the info and hope I win,

    -Alan Vega

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    This post about cleats for defenders was my first experience with SC101, and I've been a fan ever since. At the time, I was coming off injury and itched to make a strong come back. When I found this article and all of the related material on SC101, I had a place to divert all the pent up energy from sitting on my bum! Great site, great material, nothing else like it out there.

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    P.S. i loved my adipowers

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    This post is my best post of all. I have always had problems with new cleats and I never really felt comfortable wearing new Nike vapors, Adidas or pumas cleats until I discovered the perfect shoe for my feet through this post. I tried so many cleats and never realize something like this could help me out. Nike T90 Laser III were the recommended cleats for my wide feet in the post and I bought them while they were on sale. Its been more than a year now and I am still using the same cleats with no problem. I sold all my other fancy cleats.

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    Let me tell you why…Thanks to all the information you post in this website I was able to order a pair of new predator through WeGotSoccer with the special discount listed here :http://www.soccercleats101.com/steals-and-deals/ . Initially I ordered the predator adiPower because of the consistent and well informed review here :http://www.soccercleats101.com/2011/06/11/adidas-adipower-predator-review/. And to my luck the wonderful people at WeGotSoccer told me they did not have the adiPower anymore but they would for the same price send me a new pair of Predator LZ Champions league edition.

    If it weren't for all the information you guys take effort to post in here and share it with the world I would not being able to get these shoes and enjoy the game of futbol. Thank You!

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    That's my personal favorite of all your one thousand superb cleats review. In it was my soon-to-be first owned soccer cleats. I had doubts buying it, but I saw your review for the very first time at soccerdotcom and that's how I knew about your website, along with all your blogs. I even asked your opinion on facebook on comparing these with some other cleats I like, and your comments on these boots made me seal the deal. In all, it's pretty crazy how time flies: since the very first time I stumbled upon your site and this site progression. I also would just like to say congrats on the thousandth post. here's to thousands more.

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    I had been trying to decide what Nike cleats to get for a long time. That post told me not only the things I can see on an order form, such as the weight and type of shoe, it told me what the differences were from this shoe to say the first Nike Vapors. The article told me an honest opinion and what made this boot new and unlike any of the others. It helped me a lot! Thanks

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    i check soccercleats101 2 or 3 times a week.

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    Although I really learned and like most of the posts Bryan has posted, this might have been the most useful information I've received from this website and which is how I was able to get my first adizero's for only $80 on Cyber Monday in 2009! Also, this post has to be the first one I've read on soccercleats101 in dept. I was surprised by the fact that you've replied back to my comments on this page and made me a huge fan because of your down-to-earth personality. I honestly come to this website at least 3~4 times a day and literally everyday! Thank you for many awesome information like such and because of your website, I also would like to one day be a soccer cleat reviewer for others as well. I know that you will continue helping others with your useful and hardworking on everything related to soccer.

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    I loved this post because as soon as I saw and began to read about the GS I wanted to get a pair of them. The only problem being where to get them. I came accross the soccercleats101 post and used the links to try and find a pair. It was really awesome that you made it so easy to find a place to get them, especially because of them being a limited edition boot. I read all the posts on new boots because you guys do a very good job of giving an honest opinion on the newest boots out there. Keep it up!

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    I love this post because I've always been a fan of the Puma King series. I like the feel of SL and the weight at 7.7 oz was the lightest on the market in it's given category. I remember "I'll Pibe di Oro" wearing a pair of Puma so that has captivated me ever since I saw The Hand of god…

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    This is the first article i ever read on SC101. When i found this review i didn't know really anything about cleats, i always just bought whatever was cheapest. That year i made varsity for soccer though so i really wanted a nice pair of boots. Not knowing where i could look to find which cleats to buy i searched, "Soccer reviews" on Google. SC101 was the first website that came up. This website helped me pick a top notch pair of boots! Two years later and i still read SC101 almost everyday, and thanks to all the knowledge on this website my friends now ask me when they have questions about cleats! Thanks Soccer Cleats101!!!

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    I had been waiting to get new cleats for the new season; I was looking for a solid boot that would encompass everything in one. After researching many cleats on the market with different qualities which ranked top in some aspects but not in others, I decided to wait and see what the Adidas adiPower Predator had to offer.

    I have been please with this boots and no regrets.

    Thank you for your fantastic work.

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    Thank you

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    also i like free stuff so throw it my way

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    Because of this review I actually went out and bought of pair Elastico Pros. I agree with you completely about a good touch and control on the ball. The Indoors are pretty light and I have a wide foot but it doesn't bother me too much. Of course when breaking them in i had blisters on the outside of my foot >.<

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    S. Sham

  328. Hi Bryan,
    Your website is very helpful to me. I was a retailer working for a shoe company, and indeed your reviews on cleats had helped me giving advices and suggestions of how to choose the cleats which would suit their styles and positions to my customers.
    Thank you!
    Therefore I like all the posts in this website, but if i have to pick it will be this post
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    Goodluck to all. Hopefully I get a chance to win! Hopefully I get my hands on the new ctr 360 maestri III ACC boot

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    This was the post that drew me in to Soccer Cleats 101, when I was searching for information to help me figure out what shoes would be good for each of my 4 boys. Your website has been and continues to be extremely helpful in our decisions of what shoes to purchase.


  340. I was fan of total90 series and had chance to wear CTR360 maestri II. At that time, I felt that it’s fit me and really comfortable. Now I become a fan of CTR360 series because of grip of its panels and touch of its panel… and I had a chance to read article about review of Maestri III where you can find on http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/08/20/nike-ct…. I enjoyed reading that article… I somehow didn’t like the design, but other than that I really liked. While I was wearing maestri ii, I felt little tight on front of shoes so that I wanted to change that Nike can develop the front upper. Through reading your article, I noticed that its cleats develop that and helps the upper really mold to the foot shape. Reading through article, each detail and description of cleats made me to crave to get one. Since I was fascinating about maestri ii, I excited about new version of maestri III that redesigned pass and control zone. Honestly, my maestri ii cleats about two seasons…it was time to get new pair of cleats and I saw that you guys are giving a way maestri III that I’m craving. Many thanks to you Brian.

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  343. I Liked this Post because it is the color and clear that I wear today. It was actually given to me by an upperclassmen on the team who said they had ripped. I fixed it in 15 mins with glue and a clamp, and has held up for multiple seasons. They are the best boot I have ever had. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2010/10/03/nike-ct

  344. This post right here is my favorite because it informed me of the awesome 1000th tweet giveaway and the sick USMNT gear and Maestri IIIs I am going to win!! =D In all seriousness, the site is fantastic and when I was a soccer store manager I would refer customers here as a second opinion for boots.

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    At the end of 2010, there was an awesome review on the Nike CTR360 Maestri II Elite. This was the first review that I had even seen that actually encouraged me to go out and buy a pair of boots. While the video was excellent, the boots were even more spectacular and even exceeded the expectations I had set from the review. I continue to use CTR360's to this day. Definitely one of the most beneficial moments on SoccerCleats101.

    Regardless of the giveaway, I figure this would be a great time to thank everyone behind the scenes for the great reviews and the constant updates on all the new gear.

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    This is my favorite post. Before this I didn't know what the AG soleplate was. I live up in Anchorage Alaska, where we only have grass maybe 3 months out of the 12. Everything else is played on turf surfaces. I had been using FG studs on it and began having some serious injury problems, so much so that I almost quit playing. Thanks to that post (which led me to NikeID my own pair of Tiempos) I've been able to play at full speed on such fields with no fear of spraining/twisting an ankle, tearing an ligaments in my knee, and many other problems I had and would've had. Your post saved my love of playing the game.

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  364. Thanks for the great reads. I liked your http://www.soccercleats101.com/indoor-reviews/ page on indoor reviews, Michigan gets very cold in the winter and we have to resort to indoor soccer for the season. Session 1 starting in a month! Love it!

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    I also loved the post when you reviewed goalkeeper gloves, but i couldn't find that one. Oops!

    Keep up the good work!

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    Well, I chose this article out of the archives because I think it highlights an avoidable issue. The studs on some boots have become increasingly dangerous, and I feel like they create an unneeded and avoidable safety issue.

    More so than seeing one of the my favorite players on my favorite team get injured by them, I have also seen friends from teams I have played on get similar injuries because of poorly timed tackles and just complete disregard from other players. I know that stud configuration and design is becoming a point of interest for boot companies because of the potential benefit they can provide, but I hope to see them replace the studs with something a little more safe.

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  385. Your post in late June was my personal Favourite: Summer Signing “The Castle Villa Project! not only did this post give us all a unique look inside of where you started your grass roots football but you also got to test out your boots on good old Irish turf, that turf that keeps you stuck in the ground and has you thinking your going in reverse at times, however when you get used to it you wish you played on this type of surface more often well maybe with a little less rain and tackiness!

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  393. The newest CTR360 colorway post ( Posted earlier today. ) Because I’m a huge CTR360 fan and man those look sick! But to be honest, I didn’t know which post to pick because they are all so detailed and nice! Chances are I won’t win, but I just want to let you guys know that you’re doing a fantastic job with this Facebook page!

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    Ever since I found this article I find myself referring to the site constantly and I picked up a pair of Adipower Predators. =D

    Thanks for everything and keep up the great work!

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  416. http://www.soccercleats101.com/2012/08/11/nike-gs

    Hi Brayn, My favorite post was the Nike limited edition GS. This was the only website that give really good information where ther going to be selling. The other website just said when where they oing to be release. So thaks to you I got me a pair and saved like 500 dollars because there selling like for 800 dollars on eBay. Thanks again my freind. Hope I win. .

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    I love it because I think that this brings an idea of how the beautiful game can be played anywhere without compromising comfort, or control, or even the fashion that nowadays everyone looks for, it also opens up the door to people to be informed about other options to keep in shape or even just enjoy the game even if it is indoor soccer of maybe even freestyling

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    I like this one
    Adidas samba
    April 11, 2011 at 7:26 pm
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